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Monday, April 2, 2012

13under13 for 30 mar 2012

Mindy hosted this week. (All week counts in here are approximate.)

1. The Board of Education - Why is Dad So Mad? (6 weeks)
2. Randy Kaplan - Don't Fill Up on Chips (13 weeks)
3. Robbie Schaefer - La La Love (8 weeks)
4. The Lorax - How Bad Can I Be? (3 weeks)
5. The Pop-Ups - Connect the Stars (7 weeks)
6. Dog on Fleas - Buffalo Gals (12 weeks)
7. Keller Williams - Mama Tooted (23 weeks)
8. Aquabats - Poppin' a Wheelie (2 weeks)
9. Todd McHatton - i think i'm a bunny (25 weeks)
10. Blue October - Jump Rope (15 weeks)
11. Grandson, Jr. - Hey Stop That Dancing Up There (10 weeks)
12. Imagination Movers - Dance Kung Fu (debut)
13. RABBIT! - When We Were Young (4 weeks)

Past Freshness Date:
Louis Jordan - Chartreuse (10 weeks)

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romi-mode said...

awesome I put-off buying this for months,ysti illislab


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