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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rumpus Room - Steve Songs

We enjoyed this week's Rumpus Room concert recorded in June 2008...SteveSongs! We have not yet seen SteveSongs in concert yet, but we will see him in Atlanta in two weeks and just can't wait!!

The Set List:
  • Marvelous Day
  • Spyrtle the Turtle
  • Down with Gravity
  • And the Cat says?
  • Opposite Day
  • Elephant Hide and Seek
  • Giant
  • We're On Our Way
  • Water Cycle
  • Kindness with Robbie Schaefer

  • 13 under 13 - 28Nov2008

    Kenny hosted this week.

    No surprise that Rollercoaster fell off, as I thought it would happen last week. Kenny played the John Travolta/Miley Cyrus song "I Thought I Lost You" from the soundtrack of Bolt. We went to see the movie last night and really enjoyed it, but the song isn't doing much for me.

    No surprise either that "Ladybug Beat" entered the 13under13 this week. Chloe loves this song that we heard when MiNDY interviewed Sippy Ruby.

    But I am super surprised that "The Song of LIFE" fell from the number one spot. It really should have stayed up there much longer than that.

    1. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl (9 weeks)
    2. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE (7 weeks)
    3. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5 (6 weeks)
    4. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell (14 weeks)
    5. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow (8 weeks)
    6. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music (11 weeks)
    7. SteveSongs - Giant (4 weeks)
    8. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa - I Like To Move It (3 weeks)
    9. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues (13 weeks)
    10. The Roots - Lovely, Love My Family (2 weeks)
    11. Zev - El Quacko (17 weeks)
    12. The Sippy Cups - Ladybug Beat (debut)
    13. Frances England - Don't Fly Away (16 weeks)

    Past Freshness:
    Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster (18 weeks)

    Monday, November 24, 2008

    13under13 Poll for 24Nov2008

    Visit the KiDS Place LiVE Fans blog and vote in the poll!

    What's your favorite song this week?

    1. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE
    2. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl
    3. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music
    4. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5
    5. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell
    6. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow
    7. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues
    8. SteveSongs - Giant
    9. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa - I Like To Move It
    10. Zev - El Quacko
    11. Frances England - Don't Fly Away
    12. The Roots - Lovely, Love My Family
    13. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster

    Last week's results:
    45% 1. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE
    0% 2. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music
    5% 3. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell
    0% 4. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl
    5% 5. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues
    0% 6. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5
    10% 7. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow
    0% 8. Frances England - Don't Fly Away
    0% 9. Zev - El Quacko
    10% 10. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster
    10% 11. SteveSongs - Giant
    5% 12. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa - I Like To Move It
    10% 13. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J.

    Sunday, November 23, 2008

    KPL in the News

    I don't agree with the statement in full as the music is more than described here, but here it is...

    XM and Sirius merger is great news for listeners
    Sirius now has the phenomenal Absolutely Mindy on the Kids Place Live channel; Mindy is a wonderfully subversive personality who talks to kid callers between playing crossover children’s music made by adult pop and rock stars. Parents will be as amused as the kids.

    Saturday, November 22, 2008

    Rumpus Room - Ralph's World

    >We enjoyed this week's Rumpus Room concert...Ralph's World but it is no surprise since we love Ralph's World, we love XM and we were there for the show! There are more pictures are at a link from our recap post. Ralph told the story about the origin on his "Folsom Daycare Blues,: which was fun.

    The Set List:
  • The Boring Song
  • Gotta be Good
  • The Coffee Song
  • Dinosaur Rumble
  • Freddy Bear
  • Puppy Dog
  • Abby's Alphabet Soup
  • Fee Fi Fo Fum
  • Dumptruck
  • We Are Ants
  • Dance Around
  • Happy Lemons
  • Happy Not My Birthday
  • River Flow
  • The Rhyming Circus
  • Things That I Like
  • Folsom Daycare Blues

    (the list went much longer live, but the aired show ended abruptly)
  • Friday, November 21, 2008

    13 under 13 - 21Nov2008

    Mindy hosted this week. Somehow I've gotten used to her NOT hosting.

    I'm surprised that Big Baby J fell off; it was my second choice. I really thought that Rollercoaster was played less (but we love Joe, so we're glad that he squeaks by with one more week.). And whoa, I did not guess the new entry either! Camille loves, loves this one that Zooglobble introduced to us and mentioned on his Real Tall Tree appearance. (Hey, and now Mindy's talking about Stefan!!!!! Life is good.)

    1. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE (6 weeks)
    2. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl (8 weeks)
    3. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music (10 weeks)
    4. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5 (5 weeks)
    5. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell (13 weeks)
    6. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow (7 weeks)
    7. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues (12 weeks)
    8. SteveSongs - Giant (3 weeks)
    9. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa - I Like To Move It (2 weeks)
    10. Zev - El Quacko (16 weeks)
    11. Frances England - Don't Fly Away (15 weeks)
    12. The Roots - Lovely, Love My Family (debut)
    13. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster (18 weeks)

    Past Freshness:
    The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J. (16 weeks)

    Book Time - Robert Sabuda

    Mindy interviewed Robert Sabuda. He has created the Classical Book Pop-Up collection, including Peter Pan, the Wizard of OZ, Alice in Wonderland. Robert paraphrases the books using original language and original words (abridged). It takes a year at max to make a book.

    Peter Pan is a rough one. I read it aloud to Camille when she was younger and the vocabulary in that was intense. Crickey!

    Every time you open the page, it jumps out at you! He did his first book when he was eight, but then gave up for a while before getting back into it. He went to art school and made a great pop-up project. He feels very lucky to have discovered his calling. He hopes that he can reach kids who may want to grow up to be an artist or an author. And we are so glad that Mindy brings us people like Robert.

    He makes pop-ups can be called "paper engineering". It takes a lot of time to get it to work the way you want.

    You can go to his website where there is a huge section on making your own pop-up books. You can use construction paper, as long as it has a little bit of weigh to it.

    WHOA! Every book is made completely by hand! I can't believe it. One thousand people make a total of 10,000 books a week (did I hear that right?). Oh man. Those folks are topnotch at what they do and are lightning fast.

    Here's a video of the book:

    He has a new book, called Winter in White.

    13under13 guesses?

    Will Song of LIFE still be #1?
  • I think so.

    What will fall off the ranking?
  • My guess is Rollercoaster.

    What will enter the 13under13?
  • My Best Friend from Milkshake
  • Happy Birthday form the Ting Tings
  • I Won't from Lucas Miller
  • Any other guesses?
  • Thursday, November 20, 2008

    News from Coliflordia

    Apparently, Governor Gumsmacker is making the rounds. Here she is with MiNDY and Chief Finance Officer Abby, taking a break from some intense economic stimulation policy meetings.

    Craft Time with MiNDY

    Build your own radio studio for your own radio show.

  • find lots of little caps (bottles, toothpaste, etc)
  • the lid to a gift box of shoebox
  • glue

    The sound board has a lot of buttons that light up and dials that turn.

    To Do:
    Make your own soundboard by gluing the buttons and maybe paint them. I think MiNDY said add Christmas style lights?

    To make is more realistic, use a broken old computer or make a screen from a box lid. Put your playlist on the screen

    Get some earmuffs or big headphones.

    Get some music:
  • KiDS Place LiVE
  • Some CDs or records
  • Any player for your songs

    Get some listeners (family, friends, stuffed animals).

    Get a phone, but not one that rings loud, so you can take requests.

    For a microphone, you could use a brush or a toilet paper tube with a golf ball glued on top.

    Get some guests, too!
  • Wikipedia article

    The KiDS PlaceLiVE entry is pretty lame and doesn't really do a good job of capturing the spirit of KiDS Place LiVE.

    What would you write to make the entry more realistic?

    Representative musicians? Bill Harley, Dan Zanes, Ralph's World?

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    What's Missing?

    As we listen to KiDS Place LiVE, we have come to notice that some of the musicians we love are underrepresented.

    Who would you ask KPL to add? My first pass list is as follows, but I am sure that there are many I missed. Please add your requests in the comments.

    Gustafer Yellowgold
    Uncle Rock
    Brady Rymer
    (Chloe actually once asked for Brady's "Road Trip" and got Ellis Paul's instead. Beautiful song, but not what she wanted.)
    Princess Katie and Racer Steve

    Book Time - Emily Gravett

    Mindy interviewed Emily Gravett (what a nice website) the author of Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears.

    Everybody is scared of something. Emily started is as a book of things she was scared of. But then it turned into a book about a mouse's phobia. Everyone is scared of something. On every page, the mouse talks about a different phobia. Emily was a little scared of her plane flight yesterday, but she admits it was irrational. They discussed different fears.

    Emily is not only the author, but also the illustrator. The book is supposed to look like a little mouse has been through it. Her daughter's pet rats helped make it look like this. Talented Mr. Moo and Button did a great job helping illustrate.

    "A fear faced is a fear defeated."

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    Tuesday News

    Absolutely MiNDY:
    Mindy talked about the new series "Tree Jams" that Robbie will be hosting. In a few weeks we will get to hear the session with Billy Jonas; I CAN'T wait! It is sure to be terrific!

    MiNDY interviewed Justin Roberts for the Listen to Your Buds campaign. There was also lots of News From Coliflordia. Tying the two together, I told Mindy that I think the Buds on the Listen To Your Buds website look like Little Monster Babies....

    Also, Mindy interviewed Jill Davis, author of "The First Rule of Little Brothers."

    Book Time - Jill Davis

    Mindy interviewed Jill Davis author of the new book The First Rule of Little Brothers

    Her REAL first rule is "All little brothers want to do what big brothers are doing." Her editor was the boss of her, but she is also and editor, so she all gets to be the boss sometimes. Her son Gus helped her to write the book. The little brother does things that drove the big brother nuts.

    Jill said that when she was little, she wanted to be a singer when she grew up.

    Jill gave ideas on how kids could write their own books, like taking some paper and fold in half, take photos, and then write about it. Kids can start a writing group at the dinner table, offering constructive criticism.

    Jill has no website yet, but will try to do it by next week.

    Listen to Your Buds

    Mindy got connected with Justin Roberts today after her little mix-up yesterday.

    Justin is part of the campaign Listen To Your Buds, which is:
    an ongoing campaign to raise consumer awareness about the potential risk of hearing loss from personal audio technology.

    Justin answered the phone! He is having a concert tomorrow at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (love that place!) for the campaign.

    He got an email from a parent who wanted him to write a song about brushing your hair, and he thought that didn't sound like a fun song. So he wrote "Henrietta's Hair."

    "Giant Sized Butterflies" is about Justin's first day of kindergarten, where he got very, very nervous when he realized his mom was leaving. Justin says that he still gets nervous before getting on stage; he tries to imagine that everything will be okay.

    News from Coliflordia

    (Oh, I forgot to add -- YEAHHHHHHH!)

    The Weirdo, Lt. Gov. of Coliflordia, called in to talk about the little monster babies that the Coliflordian citizens have bought at pet shops. These monster babies are going to grow up and destroy things in Coliflordia. Keep the monster babies on leashes. Are there any little monster baby trainers?

    (Ed. note: Mail in drawings of your little monster babies, and we will post them on the blog.)

    Gabby called to said she's working on a little monster baby adopting machine. And then something about diapers. I dunno.

    Catherine is little monster baby trainer at a facility in Coliflordia. They like to knock down blocks. They destroy things when they are little so they don't feel like doing it when they become adults. "Destroying Toys" is the name of the facility.

    Kennedy is looking for some potty training advice.

    Nina thinks it could be hard, so you just should pay attention to what they are doing. It might take a whole year. People could make little diapers.

    (Ed note: And I did find a personal penguin for Mindy here; I just didn't gift her with one! What's the breadcrumb/USD exchange rate?)

    KiDS Place LiVE on Facebook

    There is now a KiDS Place LiVE Group on Facebook. Yet one more fun way to share KPL stories, comments, photos and more. If you are of Facebook age, be sure to check it out! (Kids, get permission first before heading over to Facebook.)

    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Monday News

    Animal Farm:
    Sounded like a nice day on the farm. A caller asking for Elvis was pretty funny!

    Absolutely MiNDY:
    Mindy did an interview with Jordan Francis, who played Brannon in Camp Rock. He is going to star in an upcoming series Connor Undercover. While I don't know much about any of those things, he was a fun interviewee and talked to Mindy about how he worked on memorizing his lines.

    Mindy THOUGHT she was supposed to talk to Justin Roberts today, but she got her days mixed up, and she will talk to him tomorrow about the Listen to Your Buds campaign.

    Mindy, if Robbie has a Dog and Pony show in the Real Tall Tree, I have to wonder how the dogs and ponies don't fall out of said tree?

    The Real Tall Tree:
    Billy Jonas and his friend Jake joined Robbie Schaefer in the Real Tall Tree. Billy has a new CD Happy Accidents that will be released next month (Dec 10th). Robbie played the song "Vitamin Alphabet" to start out the fun.

    They talked about the updated "What Kind of Cat Are You?" called "What Kind of Dog Are You?" which has verses about different animals. I LOVE the "Yak" verse and the "Tick" one too! Hey Billy, what kind of carp is on your floor???? How FUN was that! What kind of B-are you? "rob-BIE" should have been the answer!

    Robbie and Billy spoke to a big little fan Meredith (and her 12 year old friend) on the phone. They played another new song "To Be One" live. Very beautiful! They talked about the song "I Like Yaks" that Billy made with Roger Day, then played it (not live). The last sneak preview from the CD was "We Are Hollow Bamboo".

    Sunday Dec 21st is the big release party in Asheville at the Thomas Wolfe auditorium.

    Billy states that music can happen anywhere at anytime with anyone. A "Billy Jonas Tree House Jams" special will be coming soon, sometime around Dec 10th.

    And, no, he is not the dad of the Jonas Brothers. We can't wait to hear the Tree House Jams with Billy Jonas coming next month!

    The Gooney Bird Girls with Billy Jonas in Atlanta:

    On the Blog:
    We posted the 13 under 13 and the 13 under 13 poll. Feel free to send in photos and drawings for publication! (See the email address on the right.) Also, a link to the KiDS Place LiVE Facebook Group has been added.

    13under13 Poll for 17Nov2008

    Visit the KiDS Place LiVE Fans blog and vote in the poll!

    What's your favorite song this week?

    1. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE
    2. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music
    3. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell
    4. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl
    5. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues
    6. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5
    7. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow
    8. Frances England - Don't Fly Away
    9. Zev - El Quacko
    10. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster
    11. SteveSongs - Giant
    12. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa - I Like To Move It
    13. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J.

    Last week's results:
    7% 1. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music
    11% 2. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell
    42% 3. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE
    7% 4. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues
    0% 5. Frances England - Don't Fly Away
    0% 6. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl
    7% 7. Zev - El Quacko
    3% 8. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster
    7% 9. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5
    0% 10. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow
    0% 11. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J.
    7% 12. The Sippy Cups - The Day After Halloween
    3% 13. SteveSongs - Giant

    13 under 13 - 14Nov2008 (updated)

    The Sippy Cups' "Day After Halloween" fell off the chart after a short 2 weeks, but as Halloween is now long gone, that's not a big surprise. The Madagascar song is the new entry on the chart.

    1. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE (5 weeks)
    2. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music (9 weeks)
    3. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell (12 weeks)
    4. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl (7 weeks)
    5. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues (11 weeks)
    6. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5 (4 weeks)
    7. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow (6 weeks)
    8. Frances England - Don't Fly Away (14 weeks)
    9. Zev - El Quacko (15 weeks)
    10. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster (17 weeks)
    11. SteveSongs - Giant (2 weeks)
    12. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa - I Like To Move It (debut)
    13. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J. (16 weeks)

    Past Freshness:
    The Sippy Cups - The Day After Halloween (2 weeks)

    Song of Life (partial):

    Sunday, November 16, 2008

    13 under 13 - 14Nov2008

    Ack, I missed it each and every time for one reason or another. Grr. Anyone have the list that they can share with me?

    I did turn it on at the tail end of one and caught ScribbleMonster hit the #1 spot! Yeah ScribbleMonster!

    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Friday News

    On the Animal Farm:
    We got a nice lesson in fire safety. Fun!

    Absolutely Mindy:
    No talking that I heard today. But I understand that's because Laurie Berkner is in the Rumpus Room this afternoon. We had hoped to go to the show, but we are having our own Rumpus Room style show tonight, so we had to pass. So torn! I did notice that a few station ids were the XMKiDS ones, oops.

    Our Game:
    We like to try to guess what will go on and off the 13under13 each week. This week, I am sensing Rollercoaster or Day After Halloween may fall off. And coming on? Hmm. That Madagascar theme, the Ting Tings birthday song, the Milkshake "Best Friend" song, and another one that I just can't remember right now!! Ack.

    For The Weirdo and Other Fans

    Remember that you can always reach the blog at which is pretty easy to remember!!

    And The Weirdo, JudyG, and other citizens of Coliflordia. You are more than welcome to discuss current events in the great state here on the blog. You may not reach as many as you would over the airwaves, you will reach some and they can spread the word.

    I don't blame MiDNY for putting Coliflordia news on the back burner while there are more pressing issues at the moment. I would too. But please feel free to share here while we wait for the dust to settle.

    New Name/Logo Propagation Incomplete

    We've been watching the new name and logo slowly appear in place of the old XMKiDS one. First the website was updated, then the online radio player, then the XM unit finally has the new logo. Now wikipedia has the new name and logo.

    Chloe got on the phone to try to call Kenny this morning and remarked that it hasn't changed on our phone yet -- the speed dial still says "XKiDS." She'd like to know when XM will propagate the change to the home phone and my mobile phone. Any word on that?

    On Wikipedia

    KiDS Place Live has an entry on Wikipedia.

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Thursday Notes

    We were on the road most of the day. So while we listened to KiDS Place LiVE the whole time, I didn't take lots of notes.

    Animal Farm:
    Sounded good. Kenny only said XMKiDS a couple of times. Some nice skits with the animals. A kids called in asking for Kenny to play Bon Jovi(?), but then asked for "My Green Kite" by Peter Himmelman. Chloe called in to do math problems with Kenny.

    I didn't notice if Shushybybe came on or not.

    Absolutely Mindy:
    Needless to say, we were so sad not to hear more from Mindy, Coliflordia and the rest of the stuff that makes the show so entertaining for us. The boat has been rocked and we are going to hope that the dust settles in a way that will give us back the show in the form that we know and love or in a new form that we will also love. Chloe called Mindy and told her that she's her BFF.

    While Mindy may have confused a few kids' requests today, I have to say that her memory of kids, their names, their likes and dislikes, etc. amazed me from day 1. We actually met Mindy before we were XM subscribers; we went to a Rumpus Room show in Nov 2006 to hear ScribbleMonster. We talked to Mindy for about 10 minutes altogether. We next saw her in NC at the Traveling Roadshow in May 2007. She remembered my girls' names! How in the world she did that, I have no idea. Hearing XMKiDS play in the background at the roadshow, I decided it was a GOOD thing. We heard Danny Adlerman and more great kids' artists on the air, and I went home and subscribed.

    Anyway, since then, every time we have seen Mindy, she greets all the kids she sees by name, knows when and where she has seen them before etc. She's amazing!

    Robbie Schaefer in a Real Tall Tree:
    Again, we didn't hear as much of Robbie as we love to hear, but I'm going to do what I can to keep the shows alive -- stick around and keep asking them to do what we love for them to do. Chloe talked to Robbie about the giant peach water tower we were about to pass.

    See my post on Zooglobble in a Real Tall Tree.

    Here on the blog:
    I'm happy to say that the discussion in the comments has stayed informative and civil. People are able to express their opinions and understand that we are all entitled to our own opinions. Again, I'm not going to just give KPL a week. I'm going to stick around and keep expressing my opinion. The Rumpus Room concerts alone are a reason to keep my XM. If the programming goes to too much couch potato (yes, I admit, I'm the one that asked for the iCarly song, but I just can't help it) and not enough interviews, talk, and sharing, then we will likely listen less than we do now. There's only so many times I can listen to the Madagascar song!

    Zooglobble in the Real Tall Tree

    Stefan Shepherd from Zooglobble came on to talk to Robbie about new kids' music and the Fids and Kamily Awards. Robbie called Stefan a wizard of kids' music, which struck me as funny, since I used that same word to describe Stefan last week. They talked about the great "Song of LIFE". Someone wondered if kids play the game of LIFE anymore, and Robbie said that he had a called yesterday tell him that she did play it. That was Chloe, and it is interesting to note that we bought the game BECAUSE of the song!

    They talked about Randy Kaplan, who we've be loving for almost two years now. Chloe loves the "Shampoo Me" song from his earlier CD Five Cent Piece. We got his new CD, Loquat Rooftop back in May and really love a bunch of the songs on it,. They also talked about Yo Gabba Gabba, a phenomenon that I have missed other than from listening to XMKiDS and reading kindie music blogs.

    Stefan mentioned the Sandra Boynton song that has the word Zooglobble in it, Robbie played it, and Camille was excited to catch it in the song. They talked about the Fids and Kamily Awards, which will be announced on Saturday -- we look forward to seeing the results!! They also talked about the explosion of quality music for kids and its roots.

    Stefan blogged about the interview on his website, in which he also gives some observances regarding the merger.

    Thanks Robbie and Stefan for a great interview; hope to hear more reports from Stefan in the future!

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Big Sigh.

    While I find it interesting that the first four (of five currently) comments on the Wired Music blog entry Sirius, XM Set Date for Station Merger are all about kids' music (who knew?), I'm sorry that these folks feel so strongly about the change.

    Of course, if I were in their shoes and XMKiDS programming was replaced with the programming from Sirius Kids Stuff (based on what I've heard about it), I too would have considered giving up my XM subscription.

    I do understand that perhaps the XMKiDS target audience was slightly older than that of the Sirius one, but my kids love the XMKiDs, now KiDS Place LiVE, programming. Yes, Mindy does childrens' book author interviews (and we and so many callers love them). Maybe today she should have stuck to music to help the new listeners get acclimated to the station. Or maybe not. Who knows if that would have helped ease the transition.

    Change is hard, especially for kids. But they can get used to change, especially when it leads to something as wonderful as getting to know the amazing people that are Mindy, Robbie and Kenny.

    If you don't like the author interviews or the musician interviews or the frequency of the animal farm bits or the fact that Robbie is stuck in the tree, let them know, but not in an absolute way. I know, it is easy for me, an XMKiDS fan to say this, but don't give up on the programming after one day. Give everyone time to adjust to the new blended family of listeners. Ultimatums won't work here; compromise is the solution.

    And people, be nice. The DJs are there doing their jobs. They work hard. They bend over to try to make everyone happy. If you are unhappy with the change, keep in mind that they are humans, doing their best to deal with a change over which they had, from my understanding, little input.

    I have a feeling from what I've read that a few complaint mails are trickling in to Sirius/XM/Kids Place Live. If you are a KPL fan, email to let them know! I'd recommend both xmkids AT xmradio DOT com and at the XM Comments Site. Here's my comment (no surprise here):
    Thank you so much for keeping the XM Kids programming the high caliber that it has been in the past. We were concerned that with the merger we would lose our favorites and are so glad to see that XM Kids is alive and well on Kids Place Live.

    News from Coliflordia

    The Weirdo is on the line, describing the made-up state of Coliflodia to the new listeners coming from Sirius Kids Stuff.

    Coliflordia is over South Dakota, and the new currency is breadcrumbs. (Shh--- it is all made up by us....and you can make up stuff too!!!)

    Today there was a parade in honor of the fans of the former Kids Stuff. Some XMKiDS fans came out, some Sirius fans came out, and most everyone got along. There were some people picketing KiDS Place LiVE; those are the ones that need the hugs.

    Artist Interview - Charity and The JAMband

    Yesterday on the show, Mindy tried to call Charity because she was always hears "Happy Birthday Baby" as "Help Me Burp the Baby". Charity was thrilled to talk to Mindy. She said they are coming out with a new "witching hour" CD (not lullabies) but then will come out with a new rock CD soon after. She also will think about coming up with a spin-off song called "Happy Birthday Baby."

    She offered a 50% discount on downloading digital music from to all of the KiDS Place LiVE listeners !! Wow, thanks Charity!!!

    Book Hour - Masterpiece

    Mindy interviewed Elise Broach author of Masterpiece. I missed most of it, but it sounds like it was a great interview!

    Elise is also the author of When Dinosaurs Came with Everything, which she read on the air! Wonderful!

    Woke Up To A New 116?

    What did Kenny say? Did he say "Kids Place Live"? Yes he did!

    welcome to the new 116!

    The News:
    Sirius Kids' Suff and XMKiDS have been merged into a new "KiDS Place LiVE." Having not ever hear the Sirius channel, I understand the the XMKiDS programming was far more to our liking, and we are so relieved to hear that the XMKiDS programming is being migrated to the new combined channel.

    Reassurance from the Press Release:
    Kids Place Live, targeted to entertain kids aged 3-8, now offers the best kid-friendly music previously heard on Kids Stuff and XM Kids, along with hosts Kenny Curtis, Absolutely Mindy and Robbie Schaeffer, and guests and specials.

    I have to ask, though, why did Robbie change his name during the night too? From KiDS Place LiVE:
    All Fun for Kids

    Fun specials and shows from Kenny Curtis, Absolutely Mindy, and Robby Schaffer.

    Accidental XMK/XMKiDS mentions: 5
    (We're all human, and I don't expect these guys to easily erase XMKiDS from their brains....but it is fun anyway.)

    Listening to Kenny go though all the details - email addresses, web sites, channels. A mom called in saying "Hey there's talking on my Sirius Kids' Stuff!" And, I guarantee she will love it!

    Dirk and Kenny discussed name changes. Dirk will now call Kenny "Larry." Dirk's new name is "Colt."

    Kenny reassures the XM listeners that only the name is changing. Nothing else! Hooray!

    The change hasn't affected Chloe. She called in to talk to Dirk. She chatted with Kenny a bit and then with Dirk -- telling him that if it his birthday, he should take over the KPL Animal Farm.

    Kenny did it! And it sounded great! I have no idea how smooth it was on his end, but from the XM listener side, it was business as usual. Hooray!
    Kenny's XMK slip-up total: 5 (maybe I missed some, but still not bad!)

    Shushybye is still here. You know, I just don't get it. Maybe if it was played at night, it would make sense, but at 12:30pm when we are wide awake, it just is bizarre.

    I was offline, but got this report from a listener:
    There was just an "angry mom" call on Absolutely Mindy, LOL. She missing the boring repetitive preschool loop with no DJs and the same songs every hour or so that was Sirius Kid Stuff.

    Camille responds "If you listen for a while, you will be sure to like it!"

    Another unhappy mom that wants her Kids' Stuff back. I wish she had asked for the song she wanted. Mindy would have happily played it for her. I do feel sorry for the Sirius listeners who were surprised by this change in programming. But while they may not know the songs today, if they ask for their favorites to be played, they will be played. And they will hear new kids' music that is sure to please as well!

    Okay, music with no guitars? Really? Two year olds can appreciate music with guitars, I promise. Please give it a chance. I have been to many a concert where the toddlers bop along to the real music. And it is good. "Toast" was a really funny listener suggestion, better than any that came to my mind!

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    Wake Up To A New 116?

    Word on the web is that as of midnight, XMKiDS will no longer be XMKiDS, but KiDS Place LiVE. But DON'T FRET, from everything I've seen, the programming will be the same or better, and our favorite on-air personalities will remain as they are!! Whew!

    Watch for the changes tomorrow...I suppose all the station ids will be redone, among other things.

    I wonder how many times our friends will slip up and say XMKiDS instead of KiDS Place LiVE?

    Misheard Lyrics

    What lyrics have you always misheard?

    E-I-E-I-Olivia has always heard "All the Ding Dong Day" in I've Benn Working on the Railroad.

    Mindy always hears "Help Me Burp the Baby" instead of "Happy Birthday Baby" in the song from Charity and the JAMband. Mindy tried to call Charity to get the inside scoop, but got her machine and left a message that had us all in stitches.

    Mine is "Bean Soup and Rice" form Ralph's World -- I always hear it as "Bumble Bee Soup and Rice."

    News from Coliflordia

    Ninja Quincy called in from BC, Coliflodia. I didn't follow the cars falling apart and the dinosaur parts.

    Lego Luke called in and talked about Futuro-City, where they mass produce solar powered flying cars with jet rockets. Obnoxious vanity plates are outlawed.

    He's happy to be appointed as the Supreme Court Justice for Coliflordia. He likes the Lego songs on the Lego website.

    Change is in the Air

    Monday, November 10, 2008

    News from Coliflordia

    Gov. Judy Gumsmacker thinks that he would be a great justice for the Supreme Court of the state of Coliflordia, and that he is only doing phone homework. Please don't get him in troulbe, JudyG is groveling. Really. Make Mindy and JudyG stop groveling. I can't stand the noise. Please.

    Lego Luke stated that he would love to be on the Supreme Court. But had to hang up; ARGH! Call back volunteer or if anyone other that would like to be appointed!!!

    Quincy rode Paper Airlines to Coliflordia and landed in a flower pot. He went to Video Game City (Game Valley), where people live in a video game. People turn into little 8-bits when they go in, like a classic Super Mario Brothers game. The people get to be in the game when they walk in.

    Send in your drawing of what it looks like!

    Book Hour - Sean Connolly

    Mindy spoke to Sean Connolly about his book
    The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science this afternoon. They discussed some very interesting experiments that kids can do at home; I think the book sounds like great fun for us homeschoolers!

    The illustrations are pretty amazing. Sean himself got into his share of scrapes. He didn't always read science books, but as he grew up near MIT, he learned from students there about the cutting edge.

    He did the Diet Coke - mentos experiment in his brand new kitchen -- to the doghouse, if he lived in my house!

    Call in or send in a photo of your best science experiment (

    13under13 Poll for 10Nov2008

    Visit the XMkiDS Fans blog and vote in the poll!

    What's your favorite song this week?

    1. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music
    2. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell
    3. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE
    4. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues
    5. Frances England - Don't Fly Away
    6. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl
    7. Zev - El Quacko
    8. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster
    9. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5
    10. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow
    11. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J.
    12. The Sippy Cups - The Day After Halloween
    13. SteveSongs - Giant

    Last week's results:
    9% 1. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell
    3% 2. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music
    6% 3. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues
    0% 4. Frances England - Don't Fly Away
    9% 5. Zev - El Quacko
    34% 6. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE
    12% 7. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster
    3% 8. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl
    3% 9. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J.
    3% 10. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The Blue Grasshopper
    3% 11. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow
    3% 12. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5
    9% 13. The Sippy Cups - The Day After Halloween

    Something's Going On...Stay Tuned

    I wasn't going to say anything, but I just can't help myself after reading the boards at

    For instance: Direct TV

    Saturday, November 8, 2008

    13 under 13 - 7Nov2008

    Robbie hosted this week. He played a grasshopper, grass, bluegrass theme in honor of "The Blue Grasshopper."

    Secret Agent 23 Skidoo's "The Blue Grasshopper" fell off the chart after a 8 weeks. SteveSongs with "Giant" from his CD/DVD combo The Marvelous Musical Adventures of SteveSongs is the new entry on the chart.

    1. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music (8 weeks)
    2. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell (11 weeks)
    3. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE (4 weeks)
    4. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues (10 weeks)
    5. Frances England - Don't Fly Away (13 weeks)
    6. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl (6 weeks)
    7. Zev - El Quacko (14 weeks)
    8. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster (17 weeks)
    9. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5 (3 weeks)
    10. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow (5 weeks)
    11. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J. (15 weeks)
    12. The Sippy Cups - The Day After Halloween (2 weeks)
    13. SteveSongs - Giant (debut)

    Past Freshness:
    Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The Blue Grasshopper (8 weeks)


    Friday, November 7, 2008

    Jammin' in a Real Tall Tree

    Did you hear what Mindy said?? Robbie was visited in his Real Tall Tree by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary! Peter has a new set of song books coming out that look just wonderful.

    But I can't wait to hear him and Robbie chat and play music (which is what I assume "Jammin'") means!! Photos please.

    Dispatches from Coliflordia

    Hooray! We heard from Gov. Judy Gumsmacker. She apologizes for being out of touch, but she has been hard at work, meting with constituents, attending economic stimulus package summits and securing a puppy for the goobernatorial mansion. Wonder what she will name the puppy? Suggestions?

    Lt. Gov. The Weirdo called in to say that it was 50 degress and hailing spaghetti sauce covered meatballs in Capitol, Coliflordia. What a mess!

    Book Hour - Hip Hop Kids

    On the show today, Mindy spoke with Nikki Giovanni, editor of a new book called Hip Hop Speaks to Children with CD: A Celebration of Poetry with a Beat (A Poetry Speaks Experience). It is a hip hop anthology that parents and kids with both enjoy. It share the rich and diverse history of the hip hop (vernacular) movement. Nikki talked about the "Rosa Parks" dance that is described in the book as well. The book comes with a wonderful CD. There is more information at Source Books.

    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    DO Give Me That Broccoli!

    Mindy asked why everyone says that they don't like broccoli when they really do!! Kids from all over called in to report that they DO, in fact, like broccoli and also described how they liked to eat it....

    Where is JudyG?

    The Weirdo called in; no one knows where Governor Judy Gumsmacker is right now. People have all sorts of ideas what she might be up to, but with everyone running around screaming, The Weirdo is nervous about the extreme state of confusion.

    Where do you think she might be?

    Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    Cities of Coliflordia

    Wow, never heard of it before, but I guess there is a Soggy Bottom in Coliflordia. What other towns/locales are there that we've not heard of (or have heard of?

    Send a picture in and we'll post it!!!!!

    Now there is Mix-Match City... sky is red and the grass is purple.

    Watermelon Seedy reports that people are screaming, underpants on their heads, yellow shoes.

    Phoney Phone City - everyone is talking on the phone?

    Polar Town has no real homes, but people live in igloos. It is below zero there.

    Bodyodor has decided that they are going to play XMKiDs music very loud, run around in their underpants, hold their dirty gym socks and scream their heads off.

    Wacky Wingtown has the mayor Wacky Walbert who has wings, so the tooth fairy is suing him. He can make other people fly as well.

    Animal Town - where the people can turn into animals -- not just regular animals, but mix-match animals too!!! You can't do anything to hurt the animals or you will get kicked out to Soggy Bottom.

    Holiday City, Holiday Lake, Christmas Town, Easter City, and Independence Village, celebrating holidays, 24/7.

    One listener's view of Watermelon Seedy:

    Post-Election Coverage

    The Weirdo called in today to talk with Mindy about the race. People in Coliflordia (the State of Confusion - because anything can happen) are running around screaming today, so as Lt. Gov., he is already very busy. He and the Gov. are trying to stop this new trend, because it is getting on their nerves, making it hard for them to think.

    The Weirdo's supporters are indirectly supporting JudyG by supporting him. But The Weirdo hasn't really talked to Judy Gumsmacker yet.

    Book Hour - Inside the Lionel Train Fun Factory

    Robert Osterhoff, author of Inside the The Lionel Trains Fun Factory: The History of a Manufacturing Icon and The Place Where Childhood Dreams Were Made called in to talk to Mindy about the hobby of model trains. He has been operating model trains since he was a boy in the 1950's; he played with them with his kids and his grandkids -- it is a hobby that crosses generations. He talked about how fun it is to create your own cities involving model trains, including "Scratch builds."

    He spoke about the caboose, the train engineer, train tracks and more.

    If you want to get started with model trains, the first thing is to get a starter set. Then you can build your own scenery with things from around the house.

    [Ed. note: can you build a Coliflordia city with model trains?]

    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    More Christmas Music?


    Not until after Thanksgiving, guys, please!!!!

    The Results are In!

    Robbie S. climbed out of his tree to help Mindy open the envelope....

    The final results are in! AND ....

    Judy Gumsmacker of the Octopus Party has won!

    The state also needs a Supreme Court .... any candidates?

    Thanks go out to everyone!

    RobbieS wrote a nice song for JudyG.

    JudyG would like The Weirdo to be her Lieutenant Governor since he has some good ideas. The Weirdo conceded and accepts the Lt. Governorship.

    RobbieS sang a song to The Weirdo.

    Thanks to all for voting!

    Continuing Live Coverage

    Jeanette McCurdy from iCarly called in and was quite excited about the iGoToJapan show. She voted for The Weirdo, because she loves ice cream.

    Nathan Cress, Freddy from iCarly, called in and talked about iGoToJapan, Nov 8th at 8pm on Nickelodeon. But they didn't get to go to Japan; the set designers built Japan in a parking lot. He was going for The Weirdo, but then thought he was too weird. So he thinks Judy Gumsmacker is the perfect candidate.

    JudyG called in to explain that she can relate to the Hillbilly Hillside citizens via a song and dance number.

    Hillbilly Hillside citizens live in shoe boxes and cannot vote because they cannot get online. They need more houses and stuff; either shoe boxes or real houses. Samwich Sam endorses The Weirdo.

    Special Agent Emily is manning the exit polls on and while The Weirdo was ahead on those polls, JudyG is gaining on him currently. The voters would like to hear more on the economy and on the octopus ink. Some people believe in the plentiful breadcrumbs, others are worried about the plastic eggs, as they are only readily available around Easter. Most people don't like the idea of keep the baby teeth as the currency.

    If there is a tie, there will be a Duncan Hines Brownie cook-off (or something like that).

    The Weirdo's campaign HQ is crazy busy. He says he keeps cool under pressure, and agrees that name calling is a bad idea. Has JudyG said how she is going to pay for her promises? Yet taking ink from octopi is cruelty. will he be eating on octo-pie tonight to celebrate? He is looking for 100-200 votes. He wishes JudyG. the best of luck.

    JudyG on the phone now. Thinks the voting public should get out there and vote. If she becomes the governor of Coliflordia, she will help everyone live healthy, happy lives with every need fulfilled. She would make sure that the lactose intolerant would be on the same level as the lactose tolerant. She will not call The Weirdo names, because he is a very nice person.

    On the phone with Susan Goodman, author of See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House by Susan Goodman and Elwood Smith. She is concerned with the voter turnout, but she agrees that there has been lots of healthy debate. She remarks that in the past many candidates have used insults to get the votes out. Potbellied mutton-headed cucumber was one such insult used in the past. She thinks that an "honorable campaign" is best, however.

    She also told a story about a raucous party held by Andrew Jackson. She is also the author of The Truth About Poop. She says that at one time there was the Free Pony and Ice Cream Political Party.

    Voter fraud still exists. People try to steal elections from others, but hopefully this wouldn't happen in Coliflordia, would it? People could try to vote more than once or vote even if they are older than 13.

    Every family should have a bill of rights. All over the country, voting is different. At first no paper, just spoken. Then paper, then the Australian ballot (a secret ballot). Then onto discussion of the electoral college, but no electoral college in the governor's race....if there is a tie, there will be a recount.

    On, Susan is collecting messages for the next president.

    Phlash Phelps (The Human Electoral Map Quest?) from XM 60's on 6 states that Snoopy won over on that 60's station, beating Alvin. The Weirdo and JudyG are running neck and neck. Lots of population in the middle of the country that could play a big part. He's done exit polls asking which exit they live off of the interstate. He knows the exits well, but maybe we know better the 85-95 route that we drive between Atlanta and DC...

    [Ed. note: Phlash speaks to fast for me! Chloe agrees that he is a "fast talker".]

    The Weirdo is NOT wearing his green sweatshirt. He is nervous about the polls, because he is trailing JudyG. "Vote thirty people for me!" He states that the official language in Coliflordia is gibberish because it is easy to speak. (Ed. note: I am too old to understand the conversation between Mindy and The Weirdo in Gibberish -- no translator available.) He doesn't think his name is an more of a liability than Judy Gumsmacker's.

    Gumsmacker will end her campaign with cake!

    Win, lose or draw, the Gumsmacker camp will celebrate the end of a
    hard-fought campaign with a lactose tolerant red velvet cake at HQs
    tonight! "Whatever happens, it's been fun!" quips Judy G.

    Milkshake at XMKiDS

    I should have posted this one last Thursday when Milkshake took over the "Absolutely Mindy" show....

    "We Got A Band"

    You Know Your Kid Calls into XMKiDS Too Much

    when they walk around saying this:

    Chloe's Message

    Monday, November 3, 2008

    Continuing Live Coverage

    The Weirdo called in to the Real Tall Tree to get in touch with the swing voters. The Weirdo promises to reduce the tree-cutting down in Coliflordia, but that lumberjacks are people too. Ice cream, Milkless Brownies and World Peace are part of his promises. He may call into the Animal Farm tomorrow. The Weirdo might kiss some baby animals, but not the llama. Everybody should get out and vote, but especially if they are voting for The Weirdo.

    Quincy is undecided. He is lactose intolerant. Who should he vote for? He's great at karate. He says to Mindy "I don't understand a word you are saying."

    [Ed. note: Which is what I am sure I heard Chloe tell her earlier. I think Mindy was off-air for too many days (or maybe not enough?).]

    JudyG has been accused of using "shrimp-boat tactics" by luring the voters in by impressing them with her knowledge (she has memorized the presidents - and sang them for us). She worries that using plastic eggs will leave us with too few eggs for Easter.

    Kaitlyn is all for lactose tolerance and will vote for JudyG.
    David will vote for JudyG because he likes gum.

    David Cook (winner of Season 7 of American Idol) believes in free ice cream (saturdays and Sunday) and milkless brownies, and endorses The Weirdo for governor of Coliflordia.

    Cathy Travis, author of Constitution Translated for Kids, called in. The Weirdo first claimed that he didn't go on a $150K shopping trip, then admitted that he would sell the clothes on eBay for $200K to raise money for Coliflordia. Cathy suggested that The Weirdo get his grassroots network going. Anyone of any age can campaign, even if they cannot vote. The Weirdo encourages everyone to vote, but has not thrown in the towel. It is important that we support democracy. Cathy Travis has endorsed plastic eggs as the official currency.

    Lots of talk about elections, government and more.

    JudyG encourages people to vote and thanks those that have voted. She wants to make the people's dreams and hopes to become reality. JudyG. believes that the ducks will help reduce the number of breadcrumbs, helping to limit the over-availability of currency. JudyG. says it doesn't matter what is covering your eyes, even those with glasses, contacts, and patches. She will provide bottled water so the pirates will no longer have to drink the eye of Coliflordia. "A vote for Judy Gumsmacker is a vot for a comfortable, chocolate-filled tummy.

    JudyG Hits Campaign Trail w. Secret Service Detail

    Security is tight as Judy Gumsmacker makes a final swing through Coliflordia hoping to secure votes and sway undecideds. With renewed energy, she tirelessly pitches her message of tolerance for all and renewed economic growth with the introduction of the crumb currency.

    Saturday, November 1, 2008

    13 under 13 - 31Oct2008

    Kenny hosted this week. He played a Bill Harley story as filler.

    Bill Harley's "Is Not, Is Too" fell off the chart after a nice run. The Sippy Cups with the "Day After Halloween" from their One Day Soon iTunes-only EP debuted this week. You can read more about the CD and The Sippy Cups in a recap of Mindy's interview with Sippy Rudy.

    1. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell (10 weeks)
    2. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music (7 weeks)
    3. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues (9 weeks)
    4. Frances England - Don't Fly Away (12 weeks)
    5. Zev - El Quacko (13 weeks)
    6. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE (3 weeks)
    7. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster (16 weeks)
    8. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl (5 weeks)
    9. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J. (14 weeks)
    10. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The Blue Grasshopper (8 weeks)
    11. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow (4 weeks)
    12. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5 (2 weeks)
    13. The Sippy Cups - The Day After Halloween (debut)

    Past Freshness:
    Bill Harley - Is Not Is Too (12 weeks)


    We are a regular family who are fans of KiDS Place LiVE (was XMKiDS). We have no business or family relation to XM, except that according to my daughter, she and Mindy are BFFs. XM/Sirius Satellite Radio is in No Way Responsible for the Content Within This Fan Site