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Friday, October 31, 2008

Did I Miss Something?

What's with the Christmas music during Pumpkin Jam? Very weird. And I'm not ready for it yet. One holiday at a time, please!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Did You Catch Moey?

Moey, the "Candy Voting Machine" was on Absolutely Mindy on Wednesday, and apparently, the clip is up on his website....
  • Moey Goes Global
  • Moey's Site (with link to XMKiDS clip)
  • Absolutely Milkshake

    We missed half the show because we accidentally left Robbie at home in our haste to get to the Halloween party, but what we've heard so far as been so much fun!! We loved hearing the Band members of Milkshake joke around and play their songs live on the air!

    Their new DVD Screenplay is so much fun; we especially enjoy the scenes from the XMKiDS Rumpus Room, for obvious reasons.

    Chloe has been trying to call in, but hasn't gotten through yet. At 5:40, we were being directly transferred to voice mail. Disappointing to us all to not be able to get though :(

    BTW< have you noticed their addition error in the School song? Mindy, can you "Do the Math" and figure it out?

    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    The Tree Party

    Robbie spoke to Serious D about today's events. Serious D. explained that he had to withdraw because he did not meet the age requirements.

    Serious D. threw his support out to the Cow Party because he believes that The Weirdo will help the trees (and because deep down we're all weirdos).

    Robbie would like to hear from The Weirdo to hear that he will support the Tree Party.

    Live Campaign Trail Coverage

    Andrew Katz (son of Alan Katz) has been out campaigning for The Weirdo. He thinks the name "The Weirdo" is a good one since it reflects who he really is. But it might not work well for foreign policy. People are ready for The Weirdo to be governor. The signs are invisible in Ghosttown, so not a whole lot going on there.

    William has exciting news that he is throwing his hat in as the candidate of the Greek Myth party. But it is too late....(Does Greek yogurt have lactose?)

    Alan Katz called in and says that he woud vote more than once. How many bathrooms are there in the White House? The wrong answer is 15.

    ScribbeJim called in with concerns about the lactose free and chocolate stances of the candidates. His big concern is that "I L-O-V-E L-A-C-T-O-S-E F-R-E-E C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E M-I-L-K" is just TOO Long. ScribbleJim can't give up his dairy, and he can't give up his chocolate milk. Does The Weirdo really mean "ice cream" or is he talking "Italina Ice" or "Popsicles" Jim loves his brownies and is really not sure about the milkless ones. Jim wants clarification on their dairy and chocolate stances. He can't vote for milkless brownies and wants to be sure that the candidates are not excluding those that are pro-dairy. What would it do to Jim's livelihood if the lyrics would have to change? The band would have to rework the song, and it would be the end of the band.
    [Ed. note: Jim is too old to vote. But he could endorse.]

    Emma, Octopus campaign manager, was nervous at the beginning. She thinks that JudyG. handled the questions well and is ready for her Katie Couric interview. Emma thinks JudyG has the upper hand in the debate. "Vote for Judy Gumsmacker. Weirdo, that's Weird, NO! (or something like that)."

    Jack supports his candidate's stance of not wasting band-aids, but he agrees with JudyG's use of band-aids to protect bruises. If a stuffed animal would need a band-aid, he would suggest sewing it or using vegetarian duct tape. Jack lives in Pennsylvania, not Virginia.

    The Debate, see the other post.

    Emma thinks it was noble for Serious D to withdraw but suggests that if Serious D has a younger sibling, they could run. Mindy thinks maybe it is too late for that and that The Weirdo will have to look out for the members of the Tree Party. Emma still pledges to reduce the paper waste.

    Serious D. called in to talk about the Joe Lumberjacks of the state. More trees cut down is better for the tree people and also provides more oxygen. On the record, Mindy asked him how old he is: 16 years old. Serious D has now withdrawn from the ticket because of his ineligibility and has now endorsed The Weirdo.

    Iconic Joe Lumberjack called in and expressed surprise at the formation of the Tree Party and their motto. He loves his squirrel friends, but if he doesn't have a job, that would be awful. He is endorsing The Weirdo. He claims that JudyG would put him out of a job. Because she likes the squirrels and stuffed animals. Joe Lumberjack is not registered to vote. He feels honored to have become a star in the past 10 minutes.

    Emma called in and commented that she isn't sure about "The Tree Party" entry. And that Robbie might be jealous of the campaign. Mindy replied that Robbie is concerned for the people that live in trees in Coliflordia.

    Emma believes that less paper should be made and that would show more respect for the tree party. No more post-its, a greener approach would be appropriate.

    A new party formed last night on Robbie Schaefer's "Real Tall Tree." A mysterious caller asked where the two parties stood on trees. Serious D decided he would run under the "Tree Party."

    The Weirdo is wearing comfortable shoes as he walks along the campaign trail. The Weirdo thinks it will be hard for Serious D, the Tree Party candidate to get into the race so late in the game. The Weirdo is looking out for "Joe Lumberjack" since trees don't have brains. The Weirdo doesn't agree with the statement "trees are people too."

    The Weirdo has cracked a deal with the Easter Bunny who would provide Coliflordia an abundance of plastic eggs to use in place of real eggs. This would solve the cracking and smelling problems. Having the Easter Bunny provide plastic eggs would give the Easter Bunny practice.

    The Weirdo is prepared for the upcoming debate.

    Election coverage will resume on Monday.

    Town Hall Debate

    Special Agent Emily described the rules of the debate, such as No mudslinging.

    First Question (from Emily of NC):
    What kind of animal would you choose as the official state animal

    JudyG: A duck, since that is the shape of the state.
    The Weirdo: A chicken, since no other state has that animal. (Delaware - state bird is Blue Hen Chicken)

    Second Question (from Jeremy of Denver, CO):
    It is important to have a clean campaign. It appears JudyG to have the cleanest room.

    The Weirdo: How do we know her room is the cleanest? He states that his room is pretty clean.
    JudyG: Nobody has seen it so how would they know. She states her room is pretty clean as well.
    (They discussed storage bins.)
    The Wierdo says clean is nothing on the floor and no dirt on the floor.
    JudyG states again that he is a nice person. She says her room may not be sparkly, but it is clean.

    Third question (from Clayton from Dayton):
    Do you smack your gum loud?

    JudyG: Yes, I smack it very loudly.
    The Weirdo: It is very disruptive to everyone in the room if you smack loudly.
    JudyG: She doesn't smack gum when she isn't chewing it. She respects her friends, asking them if it is okay to smack her gum.


    Fourth question (from Andrew):
    What are you doing for the people who play music in Coliflordi?

    The Weirdo: He is going to make the national anthem ... lost train of thought.
    JudyG: She is going to make a place where unrecognized musicians can go play music, especailly if they play "Disco Duck"
    The Wierdo: He is going to change the national anthem to "Poop Goes the Weasel."
    JudyG: What if some Coliflordians don't like that song or the moms don't approe of it.
    The Weirdo: He could take a poll and doesn't feel there is anything too wrong with the song.
    JudyG: Democracy means how the people vote.
    The Weirdo: Democracy is you letting the people of the state have a vote.

    Fifth question (from Ali in Austin):
    The Weirdo, I heard a rumor that you were going on a $150K shopping spree. But I only see a green hoodie.

    The Weirdo: That is rubbish, not a word of it is true. His mom buys all his clothes.
    JudyG: It is not a good decision to spend $150K on clothes for a radio election.

    Sixth question (from Chloe in Atlanta, GA):
    If you cut down trees, the more paper you have. Then if you use more paper, then you have more trees get cut down.

    JudyG: I will make sure that there is less paper used. And they will cut down less trees. And the tree party will be very happy with this.
    The Weirdo: He will still cut down some tree, otherwise Joe Lumberjack will go without a job. He won't go overboard with cutting down trees. He would sent the woodland creatures some place safe.

    Seventh question (from Joe Lumberjack in Montana):
    Do you advocate the cutting down of trees from helicopters?

    The Weirdo: It would take a lot of money to create a giant axe. And may take jobs away form lumberjacks.
    JudyG: She would find jobs for lumberjacks in factories to recycle paper.

    Eighth question:
    Honk if you love Joe Lumberjack.

    The Weirdo: Honk
    JudyG: Honk

    Ninth question (from Jack the campaign manager of the Cow Party):
    Cost of importing octopi?

    JudyG: She won't take away their ink all the way. They will be in a humongous tank that matches their natural ink. She will be taking away their extra ink and save them from sushi restaurants.
    The Weirdo: Doesn't eat sushi or any type of seafood.
    JudyG: Of course they have extra ink.

    Tenth question:
    Honk if you love Joe Lumberjack.

    The Weirdo: Honk
    JudyG: Honk


    Eleventh question (from Maya in St. Louis):
    Do you believe in the use of the band-aids when you don't need it?

    The Weirdo: He does not stand for extra band aid use, but for stuffed animals with stuffing leaking it could be useful.
    JudyG: She does not stand for wasting band-aids. She will provide band-aids for dolls and stuffed animals that need them.
    The Weirdo: Supports band-aids for bruises.
    JudyG: Supports band-aids for bruises. Believes it cushions bruises and causes less pain.
    Is it okay to cross state lines to get the desired brand:
    The Weirdo: Believes in brand choice, even if it means crossing state lines. He suggests choosing the cheapest.
    If someone needs a band aid available in only another state, then they should get it as log as it is needed.
    Government subsidized:
    The Weirdo: Thinks that money should be used for other things.
    JudyG: Free band-Aids by AFLAC for anyone who needs it.
    The Weirdo: How will you find the money for this?
    JudyG: The AFLAC duck and I are very close and he has agreed to support me in this. A free box of band-aids for anyone who needs it.

    Twelfth question (from Frightfest Fiona):
    What will you do for free food?

    The Weirdo: Stands for free ice cream and milkless brownies on Saturdays and Sundays.
    JudyG: She is supportive of lactose-intolerant people. She will provide cars for free that are edible. As well as free chocolate bars.
    The Weirdo: But chocolate bars have milk.
    JudyG: Only milk chocolate ones do?

    Thirteenth question (from ??):
    What are your homework policies?

    JudyG: She and her colleagues are working on a helmet that you put on yearly that sinks all the knowledge from the year into your mind. Your brain will absorb more and more. The machine also has a reverse, so if you want to get rid of knowledge it will painlessly with not side-effects take this out of your head.
    The Weirdo: He is against the helmet. what if the helmet had a glitch or fell into the hands of evil people an d put false knowledge into your head. He is completely against homework. The hours in school should be enough.

    Fourteenth question (from David in NJ):
    Will you accept all pronunciations of tomato?

    The Weirdo: Full freedom of sppech.
    JudyG: Agrees with The Weirdo and will stand for wither pronunciation of this vegetable.

    Fifteenth question:
    Do you want some maple syrup after the show? Honk if you love Joe Lumberjack.

    JudyG: Yes, yes, Honk
    The Weirdo: As long as it is free. Honk

    [Ed. Note: Camille says, "That was FUN!"]

    Rebecca Roberts Offers Her Opinion.

    Rebecca Roberts, host of the XM 130 POTUS '08 show 1600, 4pm ET.

    Rebecca agrees that the economic problems in Coliflordia stems from the lack of readily available currency and agrees that the currency should be changed. (The Weirdo suggests eggs and JudyG suggests breadcrumbs.)

    The Weirdo's idea for eggs appears to be a good one, but there are some details that need to be worked out, such as built in fragility.

    JudyG's idea of breadcrumbs are good ones, but how much are they worth? Value based on what? The availability of breadcrumbs could send Coliflordia into a deeper crisis.

    In the "Western" states, where you find more room for cows, the people are more likely to vote for cows. But those on the coasts are more favorable to the octopus party.

    Both candidates have been honest, run clean campaigns, have done their homework.

    Rebecca tells candidates to "Do Coliflordia proud!"

    New PR Photos from Judy Gumsmacker

    Judy G.'s PR people have provided some new shots.

    Here she is reading up on campaigns in history in the super kid's book See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House by Susan Goodman and Elwood Smith. JudyG looooves this book.

    JudyG seeking endorsements from both prez candidates.

    See you at the debate today!

    This Just In

    How to ink an octopus in a humane fashion, from JudyG's campaign.

    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    The Tree People

    Aren't getting noticed. Robbie wants to know if someone will run for governor of Coliflordia under the Tree Party and to develop a platform. He's all for the cupcakes and party hats.

    I'm afraid that if a new candidate enters the race, we would have to start a new poll, losing the votes that we have already accumulated for the current two candidates.

    Platform issues:
  • Fewer Low Flying Airplanes
  • Eliminate Birds doing their business wherever
  • Protect Against Cold rain
  • More people in trees
  • Fewer trees to be cut down
  • More treehouses
  • Fewer squirrels chewing on trees

    Everyone who joins the tree party should get a free pumpkin.

    Potential slogan:
    "don't hurt people, don't hurt trees, because trees are people too"

    Serious D has been announced as the candidate for the Tree Party.
    He has experience playing music, with the computer, some experience with trees - he never cuts them down. He has a rescued oak tree, but no real tall trees in his backyard. But he might move a place with real tall trees?
  • The Coliflordia Goobernatorial Candidates

    Judy Gumsmacker

    The Weirdo

    The campaign managers:



    Cow Party Supporter:

    Live Election Coverage

    Debate tomorrow at 5pm ET. An official town-hall debate. Listeners have to come up with the questions. Submit questions via or in the comments or call Mindy.

    Mindy spoke to The Weirdo on the phone. He pledges to have a photo up soon. The Weirdo promises World Peace and free ice cream and milkless brownies on Saturdays and Sundays. To help the economy, he will change the official currency to eggs from baby teeth. He will bring in chickens from other states by packing them into a mini-van.

    Question for JudyG: Taking away octopi ink will leave them defenseless; is she promoting cruelty to octopi?

    Judy Gumsmacker will provided a never-ending free supply (1000 pounds) of duct tape and no ducks will be harmed. Judy suggests that hard breadcrumbs should be used as currency, since it is too much pressure on the chickens. Collecting the breadcrumbs out of the car will be a two-fold help. Cleaner cars and more currency. Judy will only take the extra ink, doing them a favor. JudyG. is planning to giver free cars to the citizens, after making them out of desserts that are lactose-free. These cars will be edible, last long and produce more crumbs.

    "A vote for Judy Gumsmacker is a vote for a comfortable chocolate filled tummy."

    The Weirdo says that the dessert cars will crumble and will be a bad idea. He also wants to know where people will store their breadcrumbs, since they are so easy to lose. The Weirdo, in answer to what newspapers he reads daily (mindy cracks me up), answered "the funnies."

    Jack thinks that taking the octopi ink is cruel. Also, breadcrumbs might be eaten by mice if stored to long. While Jack supports The Weirdo, he thinks that eggs as currency may not be a great idea. Jack thinks that a better idea for currency would suggest plastic pieces that could designed by the governor.

    His question: What is the number one priority thing that you would do to make Colifloridia a better place?

    Breaking News:

    Bob Staake, at 4:35pm, just endorsed "The Weirdo."

    Luke Russert (23), NBC Youth Correspondent and son of late Tim Russert, notes that the candidates are making lots of promises. These promises cost money and they need to make sure they have enough currency to keep those promises. If they don't follow through on their promises, they would have a difficult time getting re-elected. They would have to be sure to blame events that developed if they can't follow through on their promises. They need to develop a good strategy.

    Luke's advice for fielding questions includes avoiding the gaffe, something not exactly what you intended to say. You should rehearse and don't get off those topics. This is politics, not meant to permanently scar you. Run clean campaigns about the issues. Ideas can't get hurt.

    Stay informed:
    (60/20 Sports: James Carville & Luke Russert XM Sports Nation - XM 144)

    Breaking news:
    Jay McGaw endorsed Judy Gumsmacker, because of her lactose tolerance.

    Special Agent Emily has endorsed The Weirdo. Her advice is to don't make up something and don't say something really, really stupid that will come back to haunt you. Pay close attention to the polls. Don't look like a flip-flopper. She suggests wearing supportive shoes on the campaign trail.

    The ex-governor of Colifloridia, Ian Smith, called in. He gave up the office when he turned 13. He is interested in politics in his own area. Colifloridia can fly because it is shaped liked a duck, so sometimes it tries to migrate, even into Canada. The Canadians were hungry and tried to eat the state. Ian was shocked to find how nice the people were. The one body of water was in the watery eye, Thousand Eyeland. The pirates on the Eyeland were drinking the water. Take a picture to see the invisible people of Ghost-town. As of right now, Ian is undecided. Mindy encouraged him to vote, but voting is limited to people under 13 (oops).

    I missed the latest development as I had to go to a short meeting. I hear that there is some sort of tree-uprising? That those people stuck in real tall trees feel that they are not being fairly represented.
    Baby teeth is the currency in Colifloridia.

    Book Interview - Jay McGraw

    Mindy interviewed Jay McGraw, author of Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies Kids and parents should read the book together to learn about bullies and make sure that they aren't displaying bullying behavior.

    Bullying is not just "old-school" bullying; now there is also cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is bullying through spreading rumors and telling lies on line through texting, myspace, other.

    If someone is being bullied, it is not tattling to go tell their parents about it. You need to pull in the parents and teachers. You have to have a school mentality that no one is going to stand for bullying. "No innocent bystanders rule" - if you see someone being bullied and you don't stand up to it to stop it, then you are aiding in the bullying. you have to get help from parents and teachers to stop it. Being a bully is not cool.

    You should not fight back a bully. Fighting back is the last resort. That is the worst case scenario. Bullies are usually looking for a reaction. Don't ignore it, the way to respond is to go to your friends, your teachers and your parents. and set up a strategy for dealing with bullying in general.

    Make a friend, believe good things about yourself, keep a journal to get it out. Sometimes the cool kids are not going to be the nicest kids to you. make your own set of friends and be cool with that.

    Being bullied is not something to be embarrased about; you are not deserving of it. You can get help to make a plan and strategy.

    Jay McGraw endorsed Judy Gumsmacker, because of her lactose tolerance.

    Book Hour - The Donut Chef

    Mindy took a break from press coverage of the election to interview Bob Staake, whose job is drawing goofy pictures and writing silly books. His drawings appear in The Washington Post, Mad Magazine, New Yorker Magazine, Hallmark Cards.

    His latest book in The Donut Chef. Influenced by poster art with bright colors and fun shapes. He was attracted to the graphic, colorful, bold style.

    How do you want to spend your time? He just finished a few pop up books; one about animals. There is no easy answer to whether the idea or the illustrations come first. Sometimes you go back and forth between drawings and the story. He spends all day imagining and drawing and creating.

    He draws with a mouse to create big forms and then nudges and cuts using a computer mouse.

    The Donut Chef was gong to be about a donut chef going to war with the bagel maker. But he thought that there is only one word that rhymes with bagel (finagle), so he scrapped that idea.

    Bob is endorsing "The Weirdo".

    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Absolutely Milkshake News

    From the Milkshake newsletter:
    Milkshake takes over the "Absolutely Mindy" show Thursday, October 30th!
    ixtapa kids

    Mindy Thomas, the Program Director over at XM KIDS, called us up and asked if we would host her show this Thursday from 3 PM - 6 PM. Well, we love being on the radio and of course agreed. So for three hours this week we're taking over XM KIDS with the "Absolutely Milkshake!" show. We'll be telling stories and spinning favorite tunes...maybe even play some songs live for the listeners, just like Hank Williams used to do on Mother's Flower Hour.

    If you have any favorite songs you want us to play while we dj LIVE on XM, send along a request and we'll ask the good XM librarian to pull it for our show. And if you happen to be by a phone or computer while listening, call 866.328.2345 or email and chat with us. Share a joke or a good ghost story. Ask us a question. Sing us a song. Tell us what your favorite milkshake is. And we'll give you copy of our latest release, the SCREEN PLAY DVD just for tuning in and taking the time.

    Political Birthday Party Poll Coming Soon

    The Weirdo and Judy Gumsmacker are running in the Goobernatorial race of the great state of Coliflordia, shaped like a duck and with "Paper Airlines".

    The Weirdo promises ice cream for all (on Saturdays and Sundays) and JudyG promises lactose-tolerance for all.

    The Weirdo is running as the Cow Party's candidate. Jack is his campaign manager, who will call in to "clean up" after The Weirdo, when he says something "wacky."

    Judy Gumsmacker is running as the Octopus party's candidate. Party color is Red. Emma is her campaign manager.

    Campaign slogans?

    The Weirdo - No cafeteria glop! parties a few times a month. Should we deny the loctose-tolerant people ice cream because of the lactose intolerant folks? He will provide milkless (five star) brownies from the lactose-intolerant.

    Judy Gumsmacker promises soy ice-cream to lactose intolerant citizens. She also promises free video games. Funds will come from selling pens made of ink from octopi.

    Is there such a thing as milkless brownies? Yes Dairy Free

    Thursday: JudyG will need a break, so Absolutely Milkshake will be on.

    Friday: The candidates will be out in Ghost-town, Coliflordia, so they won't be campaigning the air (Spooktacular Pumpkin Jam will air).

    Old Governor was Ian Smith, but then he turned 13.

    Grievances and platform suggestions:
    Better Food
    Free Duct Tape from all hardware stores

    (Apologies - I can't change the spelling of the state or the race in the poll since people have already voted -- it is "Coliflordia Goobernatorial.")

    I love Mindy's choice The Shins - "Sometimes You Win, sometimes You Lose". Best of luck to both candidates. Win or lose, this is incredibly fun!!!!

    (Stay Tuned. Possible debate 5pm Wednesday)

    Interview - Bob Bray, Orthodontist

    Mindy interviewed Dr. Robert Bray, President Elect of the American Association of Orthodontists

    Mindy asked about Halloween candy that kids with braces can eat. He suggested that people go to to find out how prepare treats to enjoy, such as Green Goo and Black and Orange Bon Bons.

    He suggest that kids go to the orthodontist at age of 7. Most kids do not to have treatment at age 7. The orthodontist will do treatment at the right time. Black and orange are the favorite band colors right now.... co-ordinating bands are all the rage!

    The difference between a dentist and an orthodontist is that an orthodontist spends 4 years in dental school plus 2-3 years learning how to move teeth. They understand growth, how to use braces to make teeth end up straight and as part of a great smile. Schooling to be a orthodontist includes 4 years college, 4 years dental school and 2-3 years orthodontist school.

    Brush individual teeth, use dental floss, use dental rinse for the child, the dentist and the orthodontist.

    Take care of baby teeth! Keep them clean and get rid of the bacteria to protect the future teeth. We want to keep our teeth!

    Have a safe Halloween!

    (I'll just mention here that the very first time we met Mindy, she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth -- practicing what she "preaches".)

    This Week's 13under13 Poll

    Visit the XMkids Fans blog and vote in the poll!

    What's your favorite song this week?

    1. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell
    2. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues
    3. Frances England - Don't Fly Away
    4. Zev - El Quacko
    5. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music
    6. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster
    7. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J.
    8. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The Blue Grasshopper
    9. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl
    10. Bill Harley - Is Not Is Too
    11. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE
    12. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow
    13. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5

    Sunday, October 26, 2008

    Robbie's On!

    Well, not on XMKids, but on The Village XM15, now my second favorite XM channel. I have no idea why they hide it in Country. I would never have found it except for finding out Robbie was going to be hosting a show there.

    Robbie Schaefer
    On-Air Personality

    Robbie Schaefer is the guitarist and songwriter for the acclaimed independent folk/rock band Eddie From Ohio. Although the indie model has become increasingly common in the music industry, Eddie From Ohio actually helped pave the way, building a fan base through relentless touring and grassroots marketing beginning in 1991. Having created a large and loyal following across the U.S. and Canada (the mailing list now tops 25,000 names), the band has also released 9 CDs, selling upwards of 150,000 copies, all on their own Virginia Soul Records.

    In recent years Robbie has also turned his musical attention toward solo projects, (releasing In The Flesh, a live solo album, in 2003), composing and recording the theme song for the theatrical production Gulf View Drive (by New York playwright Arlene Hutton), which premiered at the Actor's Co-Op in Hollywood, CA in 2006, and releasing his first CD for kids and families, Songs For Kids Like Us on Rocket Pop Records in 2006. The success of Songs For Kids Like Us led to a wealth of opportunities for Robbie, culminating in his arrival as Music Director at XMKiDS on XM Satellite Radio.

    Tune In:
    Wednesdays at 6AM ET/3AM Pacific
    Sundays at 12 Noon ET/9AM Pacific

    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    Rumpus Room - Asylum Street Spankers

    This week is Asylum Street Spankers in a Rumpus Room Rewind.

    Play List:
  • Yessir That's My Baby
  • You Only Love Me for My Lunchbox
  • ?
  • Boogers
  • ?
  • See I Can Be Useful
  • Mommy Says No
  • Hokey Pokey

  • 13 under 13 - 24Oct2008

    Robbie hosted this week. He did a colors theme, but I missed why.

    The Star Wars theme fell off the chart after not so many weeks on. Kat Kellos and "5 on 5" from her Musiplication CD debuted this week. You can read more about the CD and Kat in a recap of Mindy's interview with Kat Vellos.

    1. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell (9 weeks)
    2. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues (8 weeks)
    3. Frances England - Don't Fly Away (11 weeks)
    4. Zev - El Quacko (12 weeks)
    5. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music (6 weeks)
    6. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster (15 weeks)
    7. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J. (13 weeks)
    8. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The Blue Grasshopper (7 weeks)
    9. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl (4 weeks)
    10. Bill Harley - Is Not Is Too (12 weeks)
    11. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE (2 weeks)
    12. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow (3 weeks)
    13. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5 (debut)

    Past Freshness:
    Star Wars theme - Cantina (4 weeks)

    Some of the Colors Theme:
    Laura Freeman - Red
    Rosi Flores - Red, Red Robin
    Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
    Keb' Mo' - Big Yellow Taxi

    Friday, October 24, 2008

    Book Hour - L is for Lollygag

    Mindy interviewed Molly Glover editor of L is for Lollygag from Chronicle Books. For a lot of books, the editor is the team leader for the book. In this case, the editors came up the idea for an in-house project and hired a writer to shape the text. Molly keeps lots of lists and has a list of fun words. The book was born when Molly threw out her idea at a meeting and gave the list of words she had been collecting. The book is filled with words that are fun and quirky. The editors picked "endangered words" that would not appear in school or at home. One word they picked "snollygoster" (a shrewd or crooked person - a swindler), they noted that it is a disappearing word. They wanted the book to have more than just the words, so they put in some other tidbits. such as "Gifts of Gab."

    Some of the illustrations are clip art that were collaged by the designers. Melinda Beck was the illustrator who drew the new, colored illustrations.

    Some words:
    A "rumpus" is a noisy commotion with a lot of loud noise or activity. Mindy asked about "23 Skidoo."

    Start your own list of words by flipping through the dictionary, read older books, listen to some old-time radio shows, etc.

    Fav words from callers:

    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    A New Poll

    Visit the XMkids Fans blog and vote in the poll!

    What's Your favorite Song this week?

    1. Frances England - Don't Fly Away
    2. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell
    3. Zev - El Quacko
    4. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues
    5. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster
    6. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The Blue Grasshopper
    7. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J.
    8. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music
    9. Bill Harley - Is Not Is Too
    10. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl
    11. Star Wars theme - Cantina
    12. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow
    13. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE

    Halloween News

    I say Mindy, Robbie and Kenny (and Jinx) need to share their Halloween costume photos with us!!!

    From MarketWatch:
    XM Kids XM channel 116 will serve as the official soundtrack for trick-or-treating. XM Kids' sixth annual Pumpkin Jam will air Halloween day from 3:00 pm until midnight. The entire family can enjoy music and spooky stories on everything Halloween. Hosts Robbie, Kenny and Mindy will also share some frightening stories of their own.

    What Song Would You Erase?

    First, I wouldn't have started this blog if my kids and I didn't enjoy listening to XMKids. We like a lot of the music, and really enjoy listening to the DJs and the kids calling in. So this is just in fun!

    If you could get access to the XMKids music library, what song would you or your kids erase?

    I have a few in mind, but the one that sticks out right now is "I've Got A Butt." (Uncle Jim, it's a good song -- I'm just TIRED of it.) So Dear Matthew in Michigan, can you think of a different song to request when you call Mindy tomorrow?

    What song have you just heard enough of or wish you never heard?

    If you don't want to comment publicly, you can send me a mail at Let me know how much of your name (or kids' name) and locale I can post.

    Book Hour - Kim Wayans

    Well, I missed most of it because of car troubles (what else can you expect with driving 10K in two months - at least I was close to home), but Mindy interviewed Kim Wayans (yes from that multi-talented, many siblinged Wayans family) about her book series, co-authored with her husban Kevin Knotts, Amy Hodgepodge.

    Kim will be at Politics and Prose in Washington, DC, tomorrow, signing books. Kim discussed some other things, including the non-profit Turning the Page.

    Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Book Hour - Nacho the Party Pup

    Today, Mindy back from her trip, interviewed Emma J. Virjan (Ver Haan) author and illustrator of the board book Nacho the Party Puppy. Mindy explained that even though it is a board book, it really isn't "just for babies". Emma talked about "the Nacho ways" for celebrating birthdays, which include cakes, red dancing boots and more. Also, he has the "nachobility" to ride on pinatas.

    Emma talked about how even when she was young she wanted to be an author and illustrator of children's books and encourages others to "Keep Drawing." She explained her "other" work as a graphic illustrator. Fascinating -- and I think Mindy could run with that and get people who know how to talk to (not down to) kids to explain their jobs.

    There are millions of facets to Nacho's personality that I didn't get written down -- I took sparse notes while barreling down I85 -- but he is "Nacho average dog," has a cat friend named Chip, likes to cook, cleans up after his big parties in his dog castle, etc.

    Emma Virjan is working on a new Nacho book about yoga. Nacho and Emma will be at a number of events around Austin, listed here.

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    Hey MINDY! Robbie's Shirt.

    So, Chloe got through to Robbie and asked about his "special shirt". I have NO IDEA what he answered to her question except that she says it wasn't very nice about you...uh oh :)

    Chloe didn't like Robbie's dessert suggestions -- spinach (saag paneer is good for dinner) and crackers with fish and chocolate (she told him that we're vegetarians). Hmmm, who can blame her?

    She did tell him her three favorite songs - "Real Tall Tree", "Sally Can I Walk You Home", and "There's A Carp in the Tub".

    Quiz on demand?

    Chloe called in to Mindy today. I asked her what she was going to say if she got through, and she said she was going to do a quiz. huh? Mindy hadn't proposed a quiz, so I told Chloe that maybe that was not a great idea. Not to be disuaded, Chloe went on with her quest, got through and told Mindy that she was going to do a spelling quiz.

    Mindy didn't miss a beat. Chloe interrupted Mindy's asking her how to spell something with her own word. Chloe's word was "qat". After the interview with Kat Vellos earlier, Mindy said "k-a-t". Chloe said no, "q-a-t, a tropical, evergreen shrub". (If you've listened to enough XMKids, you know where she got that word.) Mindy was gracious enough to offer a prize, but Chloe turned the choices down (new brake pads?) until Mindy got to the book that she really wanted. Ugh. My child.

    Craft Time with Absolutely Mindy - Tater Toddler Dolls

    Giant Russet Potato (or sweet potato)
    Baby Sock
    2 small nails or thumbtacks (not red)
    ABC Gun
    Toothpaste cap
    Milk jug cap
    alfalfa sprouts/Easter grass

    To do:
    Blow off all the dirt.
    Take the toothpicks, jam one in the left side, jam one in the right side, jam one underneath on the left, jam one underneath on the right.
    Take a wad of gum, stick it on the bottom toothpick, then some on the other bottom toothpick.
    Pull off the arms and legs. Oops.
    Pull the baby sock up over the potato; leaving enough room for the "head" of the potato.
    Shove the toothpick arms and legs back in the potato.
    Take the two thumbtacks and shove them in the face where the eyes would be.
    Take the toothpaste cap and find something sticky in the back of the refrigerator, scrape it out and smear it on the top of the head to make a tiny hat.

    Use a popsicle stick for arms and legs.

    How do you suggest a mouth could be made?
    - One caller suggested using a red leaf for a mouth.
    - Macaroni for a mouth.
    Other suggestions for improvements?

    Artist Interview - Kat Vellos

    Kat Vellos called in from Seattle, Washington to talk about her new CD Musiplication. She talked about how she tutored kids. Some kids couldn't learn from flash cards, but knew the words to every song. So she made the songs to help kids remember their times tables.

    Kat herself used flashcards. She said 7*8 was her hardest to remember (mine too)!

    The artwork was done by Tad Crowe, a friend of Kat's. He really tied the album art to the songs. Kat chose the breezy hip-hop because of how fun it is.

    Nutricious Nine is about eating healthy; Kat loves to cook and eat well, so she combined the two here. carries Musiplication.

    We really like the whole CD and are very glad that XMKids has been playing so much of it!

    Saturday, October 18, 2008

    Rumpus Room - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

    We enjoyed this week's Rumpus Room concert...Secret Agent 23 Skidoo! They performed songs from their CD Easy.

    Mindy interviewed Secret Agent 23 Skidoo earlier this week; you can read some of the interview highlights here. We were lucky enough to get to be in the Rumpus Room for this concert; more pictures are on our recap page.

    The Set List:
  • Have Fun
  • It's a New Day
  • Catch the Bug
  • Mysterious
  • Best Friend
  • The Last Dragon
  • Luck
  • The Blue Grasshopper
  • Hot Lava
  • Gotta Be Me

  • 13 under 13 - 17Oct2008

    Mindy hosted this week. I missed the first ten minutes, but it sounded like she played a "Wiggling" theme at the start. If it was time for Recess Monkey to fall off the top 13, then ScribbleMonster is a great addition. You can read more about "The Song of LIFE" in a recap of Mindy's interview with ScribbleJim.

    1. Frances England - Don't Fly Away (10 weeks)
    2. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell (8 weeks)
    3. Zev - El Quacko (11 weeks)
    4. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues (7 weeks)
    5. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster (14 weeks)
    6. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The Blue Grasshopper (6 weeks)
    7. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J. (12 weeks)
    8. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music (5 weeks)
    9. Bill Harley - Is Not Is Too (11 weeks)
    10. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl (3 weeks)
    11. Star Wars theme - Cantina (4 weeks)
    12. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow (2 weeks)
    13. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE (debut) YEAH!

    Past Freshness:
    Recess Monkey - Dr. Wiggle (13 weeks)

    Some of the Wiggling Theme:
    The Wiggles - Wigglemix
    Kimya Dawson - Wiggle My Tooth
    Recess Monkey - Dr. Wiggle

    Friday, October 17, 2008

    Book Hour - Alan Katz

    In her third interview of the day (!), Mindy interviewed Alan Katz, author of The Flim Flam Fairies. His other recent books include Smelly Locker, On Top of The Potty, Where Did They Hide My Presents, and a poetry book Oops!. Alan is also the creator of the game That’s Right, That’s Wrong which will (we hope) be coming back LiVE to the Absolutely Mindy Show soon!

    Alan's song books provide new lyrics to well-known songs, creating madness and magic. Alan's twin sons Nathan and David (age eight) were also part of the interview. Nathan sang "Stinky , Stinky Diaper Change" to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." David sang "If You Gotta Go To Poopy."

    Alan credits his kids with helping to inspire his creativity. He reminds everyone to "Never say I don't do that; try something new!" He also says that he loves hearing from people about his books, so send him an email at

    Alan read some poems from his poetry book Oops!. He has a second collection out poems coming out in 2010. He then read his book "The Flim-Flam Fairy," which was quite amusing!

    Artist Interview - Sippy Rudy

    Today, Mindy interviewed Rudy Trubitt, the guitar player from The Sippy Cups. The band has a new EP called One Day Soon (available from iTunes) which has five songs. (EP means "extended play".) Their new CD "The Time Machine" is due out in the spring, but they wanted to get some new songs out sooner. "One Day Soon" is the first song, and it is about things that kids can almost do, but can't quite do yet, but will be able to do soon. (Like us getting the new full length CD...) Rudy penned "Ladybug Beat," about aphids tasting so sweet. "Effervescing Elephant" was written by Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett.

    Rudy described their shows with a circus-like feel on top of the rock-n-roll party. The Sippy Cups are all about color -- so Rudy has never worn his cow suit on stage.

    Rudy also discussed their new video "The Day After Halloween." Sippy Henry's bedroom is the bedroom in the video, and Henry is the ghost.

    Rudy was a great interviewee (even if his phone was not behaving well making it hard to hear some of what he said) and seemed to enjoy talking about the new CD and how they came up with the ideas for the various songs. Thanks, Mindy and Sippy Rudy!

    Mindy also played an interview she had done with Diana DiGarmo from American Idol talked about "American Idol Rewind" -- Behind the scenes. (Never having seen American Idol, I didn't get it.)

    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    Artist Interview - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

    In preparation for this weekend's Rumpus Room, Mindy had a nice interview with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, a great "Kid Hop" artist. We were lucky enough to be in the Rumpus Room when the show was recorded -- it was so much fun! We love their cd Easy - the lyrics are inspiring without being over the top. Very fun and imaginative.

    He didn't quite answer the question of the origin of his name "23 Skidoo" but gave the answer that it was the first slang used in the 1920's and that everyone should figure out what it means for themselves. "Life is a beautiful thing, you are going to have some bad days, but you can deal with it."

    Some of his words of wisdom:
    Balance "Dream thinking" and "pay the mortgage" thinking and keep your mind open. Kids can believe two things at the same time. Adults should stop being afraid of looking stupid. Life doesn't make sense; stop trying to make it make sense. The "daydream world" of kiddie-idiosynchrocies is "Easy". He doesn't like to coddle children and talk down to them.

    His song "The Bluegrasshopper" tells the Aesop's Fable from the grasshopper point of view and shows the power of music and the worth of being a musician. She also interviewed his daughter "Saki" who appears on the CD. Saki tried to teach Mindy how to beat box....

    He's working on a DVD to come out soon and some new kids' books. Stay tuned!

    Thanks Mindy and Cactus!

    Mindy also spoke with Cicely Gray Women's Sports Foundation about healthy eating and bone growth for girls.

    We heard from girls about what activities they do and what foods they eat to get calcium for strong bones.

    Go Girl Go!
    GoGirlGo! is the primary programming focus of the Women’s Sports Foundation designed to combat the alarming physical and psychological health hazards affecting America’s young girls. GoGirlGo! uses sport and physical activity as an educational intervention that supports girls’ health and wellness in childhood and early womanhood.

    Other links:
  • Girls' Health
  • Go Girl Go!
  • Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    813 Mile Road Trip

    As seems to be normal these days, my kids and I drove 600+ miles. While we did not listen to XMKids the entire time, we did listen in a lot. Chloe called Mindy to talk more about the tooth fairy (and toilet seats that play music, though Mindy didn't air that part). We enjoyed listening to what all the other kids had to say about the tooth fairy, dolls that pee and more.

    Mindy promised to discuss a tater toddler doll, but never told us more. Both girls tried to call in for the "Spell Check" but didn't get through. I was a bit shocked by the word that was the choice of the caller.

    Robbie never told us about his shirt; wonder what made Mindy get all worked up about it? Chloe called Robbie and told him about the card she had made for him.

    XMKids sure helps keep me and the girls entertained on our long car trips!

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Artist Interview - ScribbleJim

    Mindy interviewed ScribbleJim from ScribbleMonster this afternoon. Oh, how we love hearing ScribbleJim on the radio! Thank you so much Mindy and Jim for taking the time to do this for us!

    XMKids has been playing two tracks from the new CD (available today) called Songs with No Character, "I'm A Utility Pole" and "The Song of LIFE". My kids both love "The Song of LIFE", and each kid has a number of favs on the new CD. I particularly like "Doing the Right Thing Isn't Always Easy" and "It Could Have Been Worse" (after The Song of LIFE), but every song is growing on me. A GREAT CD!

    ScribbleJim took the time to explain the difference between the live band (ScribbleMonster) and the character band that has been on the past CDs, which of course explains the name of the new CD.

    While we have heard the story of the origin of "The Song of LIFE" before, it was wonderful to hear it again and shared with a much wider audience.

    Mindy asked what ScribbleMonster was going to be for Halloween and suggested that he dress up as ScribbleJim. Can't wait to see the photo!

    Songs with No Character will be available TODAY at

    Mindy's Back! - Tooth Fairy

    Mindy's back - Yeah!

    Chloe called in to giver her lost tooth news. Along in the story, Chloe mentioned that the tooth fairy can make herself look and sound like mom or dad. Chloe wondered where the tooth fairy lives.

    Kids called in with the news:
    The tooth fairy probably lives in a gold castle in the clouds, or a castle made of teeth or under a pillow. Another report is that there are really more than one tooth fairy; that's why different kids get different gifts from the tooth fairy.

    Chloe's tooth fairy knowledge comes from the book The Real Tooth Fairy by Marilyn Kaye and Helen Cogancherry.

    More information about the history of the tooth fairy:

    Lost Tooth and Tooth Fairy Songs:
    • The Jimmies - Teeth - Make Your Own Someday
    • Roger Day - My First Loose Tooth - Rock 'n' Roll Rodeo
    • Monty Harper - Loose Tooth - The Great Green Squishy Mean Concert CD
    • Sparkles 'n' Bubbles - Has Anyone Seen My Tooth? - The Big Happy Album
    • Recess Monkey - Dr Wiggle - Tabby Road
    • Eric Ode - Loretta Lost A Tooth At Lunch - When You Smile
    • Maureen Conlin - Lost Tooth Blues - Achoo! Achoo!
    • Justin Roberts - I Lost the Tooth I Lost - Way Out
    • Johnette Downing - Tooth Fairy - Fins and Grins
    • Mary Kaye - Tooth Fairy - Mouse Jamboree

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    Absolutely Anybody

    is on this afternoon. As Mindy was looking for ways to fight illness on Friday, I think we can assume that the suggestions didn't help, and she's out sick.

    We hope that she'll be feeling better tomorrow and be back on the air.

    Chloe called in and chatted with someone, but she didn't know who he was. Chloe broke her big news, but she didn't get on the air. Her requested song "The Song of LIFE" from ScribbleMonster was found and played, however.

    (Chloe also called in and talked to Kenny this morning, giving him the scoop on her big news and speaking about homeschooling.)

    Saturday, October 11, 2008

    Rumpus Room - The Sippy Cups

    (Updated from the post here.)

    We enjoyed this week's Rumpus Room concert...The Sippy Cups! They performed songs from their CDs Kids Rock for Peas and Electric Storyland. Electric Storyland was named in the Top 10 CDs of 2006 in the Fids and Kamily Poll.

    We were lucky enough to get to see this SF Bay Area group perform at Austin Kiddie Limits in September 2007. They put on a fantastic show, complete with circus acts and psychedelic props. But best was getting to hear Springtime Fantastic live!

    The Sippy Cups this week released a new EP One Day Soon available on iTunes.

    The Set List:
  • Drinking from the Sky
  • Little House of Jello
  • Meet Major Minor
  • Move Your Pants
  • Bike
  • Hair Professor and the Jellyfish
  • The Jellyfish
  • Springtime Fantastic
  • Superguy Returns
  • Use Your Words
  • I Am A Robot
  • Flower Tower
  • Magic Toast

  • Friday, October 10, 2008

    13 under 13 - 10Oct2008

    I'm quite impressed with the 13under13 this week; it's a great set of songs! (Though I don't think the Folsom track really does a good job of representing The Rhyming Circus...I'd rather see "King of the Alphabet" on there.) One thing that strikes me as funny is that three of the thirteen don't have lyrics to speak of.

    Robbie hosted this week and added a "Boats and Ships" cluster to go along with Columbus Day. With "Christopher Columbus" from Fats Waller.

    1. Frances England - Don't Fly Away (9 weeks)
    2. Zev - El Quacko (10 weeks)
    3. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell (7 weeks)
    4. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster (13 weeks)
    5. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The Blue Grasshopper (5 weeks)
    6. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J. (11 weeks)
    7. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues (6 weeks)
    8. Bill Harley - Is Not Is Too (10 weeks)
    9. Medeski, Martin and Wood - Where's the Music (4 weeks)
    10. Recess Monkey - Dr. Wiggle (13 weeks)
    11. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl (2 weeks)
    12. Star Wars theme song (3 weeks)
    13. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow (debut)

    Past Freshness:
    Alvin and the Chipmunks - Bad Day (17 weeks)

    Video - Bathtime in Clerkenwell:

    Couch Potato Stew - Food Boy

    Today on Couch Potato Stew, Mindy interviewed Lucas Grabeel and Brittany Curran, stars of the new DVD movie The Adventures of Food Boy.

    Lucas made a comment that he had to stop eating mustard for a while after being covered in 8 gallons of it for days on end. I wonder how well the smell and yellow washes off? Yuck.

    There are tons of videos about the making of the movie on YouTube.

    Listen to Couch Potato Stew:
    Fridays at 7PM ET/4PM PT
    Sundays at 8AM & 10PM ET/5AM & 7PM PT

    (Maybe I just don't understand actors and their senses of humor, but it seemed to me that Lucas was not a great interviewee. I really didn't get the sense that he was being friendly and cooperative with Mindy or that he was really focused on the interview. It seemed he didn't get it was an interview for a kids' radio station. Too bad. Because as an actor, I think he would have read his audience better and gained a few additional fans in the process. This hasn't made me want to go see other movies he has made.)

    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    Book Hour and More

    Whoa - I thought I was busy today!! We did manage to catch some of Mindy's show, though not as much as we wanted. We forgot to take Robbie (our XM receiver) with us, so no XM while driving around. Too bad XM doesn't have an iPhone client yet (as far as I know). Other things we forgot today -- Chloe's goggles (left in DC last weekend), a top to Chloe's swimsuit (grabbed two bottoms by accident -- but we were early enough to have time to run home to fix the problem), my phone (left at gymnastics).

    Enough about my "mommy had a virus yesterday brain" ... Back to Mindy's guests today.

    First up was Drew Lachey and the Magical Veggie Challenge:
    Help us right this musical wrong. Gather family and friends to record a video performance of your rewritten bean chant that conveys beans are a vegetable.

    Submit your video for a chance to win $5,000 and a trip to New York to meet Drew Lachey and perform your chant!

    Next up was Savannah Outen, who is about to go on tour with The Naked Brothers Band. For more information:
  • Savannah's website with links to her YouTube and MySpcae sites.

    The final official guest was the one I most wanted to hear, but missed all but the first two minutes of... Mindy interviewed the author of what sounds like a book just up my alley, Eco-Friendly Families by Helen Coronato. I wonder if it could help us and our stuff problem. More info is on the author's website Helen Coronato: The Next (Kinda) Big Thing. (Addendum: Her book reportedly lists a bunch of websites that support greener living and a lot of specifics which is something that is often hard to find in these kinds of books.)

    We spent the afternoon weeding out stuff. I wish there was a solution to the stuff. Everyone gives kids stuff. Kids find stuff on the playground, in the woods. I can't keep stuff out of my house. But then I have to deal with it.

    Chloe called in to chat with Mindy and announced to everyone that we were going crazy cleaning the house. Mindy joked about putting people into the "free pile" that we put a lot of our stuff into. Chloe went on to tell Mindy that I always talk about putting Chloe into the trash cans. Oh great. A family joke, of course. Chloe asked for "The Song of LIFE" by ScribbleMonster, which was the song that managed to help us through the craziness of the day.

    Savannah's video:
  • Book Hour - Constitution Translated for Kids

    On Wednesday, Mindy's guest was Cathy Travis, author of Constitution Translated for Kids. I really enjoyed the way Mindy tied the book into current events and had Cathy explain some of the points of the Constitution. Their conversation got Camille thinking about the Constitution and wanting to learn more. So, for us, it was a success.

    The quiz at the end of the interview was perhaps a little intimidating for the audience. Even Camille didn't want to call in to take it. Mindy gave the first question in a simplified form (ie, answer is part of the question) and people started calling in. Unfortunately, not all kids were expecting to get the answer in the question and some were still a little bit stumped!

    Looking over the reviews, this looks like a great book for kids (and adults) wanting to learn more about the Constitution, put not intended as a primer. As we are spending more time in DC this year and it is a year filled with politics and government, I would consider this book for my 5th grader.

  • Constitution Translated for Kids website
  • On
  • Book Hour - Pennybaker for President

    I love how Mindy is tying the books that she features on the show into the current events (Halloween, election, National Hard Boiled Egg Day -- well, maybe not -- or wait, a quick google search shows that World Egg Day IS October 10th!).

    On Monday, Mindy interviewed Kate Feiffer, the author of the new children's book President Pennybaker. Kate read the story on the air, and I really wish we could have seen the book too, as the illustrations look lovely.

    There are lots of reviews on Worth checking out, especially in this election season.

    Wednesday, October 8, 2008

    Book Hour - Humpty Dumpty JR

    Last Thursday, Mindy's guest was Vince Evans, the illustrator of the series Humpty Dumpty JR: The Hardboiled Detective. My girls both said that the books sounded really interesting. The puns are fast and flowing, and we really enjoyed hearing Mindy speak with Vince about the process of illustrating the books and of working with a sibling.

    Searching for more information about this very intriguing series, I came across this video.

    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    In the Broadcast Booth

    While we were at XM on Friday, Mindy kindly gave us a tour of XM! It was amazing! We got to see where everyone on XMKids has their desks and even got to go into their broadcast booth and sit in the broadcasting chair! Both my kids really got a kick out of it, even though Chloe was too scared to touch anything on the mixing board.

    How fun! Thanks, Mindy!

    Monday, October 6, 2008

    Live in the Rumpus Room - Ralph's World

    We were so excited to get the chance to see Ralph's World perform in the XMKids Rumpus Room! Everyone had a great time; it felt like a large house party!

    Photos and Recap

    Thanks, Mindy and XMKids for hosting a great party! We cannot wait to hear the show air on our channel 116.

    Saturday, October 4, 2008

    13 under 13 - 3Oct2008

    Robbie hosted this week.

    1. Zev - El Quacko (9 weeks)
    2. Joe McDermott - Rollercoaster (12 weeks)
    3. Frances England - Don't Fly Away (8 weeks)
    4. The Real Tuesday - Bathtime in Clerenwell (6 weeks)
    5. The Terrible Twos - Big Baby J. (10 weeks)
    6. Bill Harley - Is Not Is Too (9 weeks)
    7. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - The Blue Grasshopper (4 weeks)
    8. Recess Monkey - Dr. Wiggle (12 weeks)
    9. Ralph's World - Folsom Daycare Blues (5 weeks)
    10. Medeski, Martin and Wood - where's the Music (3 weeks)
    11. Star Wars theme song (2 weeks) - I HAD NO IDEA!
    12. Alvin and the Chipmunks - Bad Day (17 weeks)
    13. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl (debut)

    Past Freshness:
    Justin Roberts - Pop Fly (25 weeks)

    Friday, October 3, 2008

    Book Hour - Halloween Tricks and Treats

    If I can find the time, I will try to publish information about the authors that Mindy interviews on the air. But we'll see.

    Wednesday, Mindy talked to Matthew Mead about his book Halloween Tricks and Treats, which can be found here at, and other places.

    We are huge Halloween fans at our house. The decorations have already been up for a few weeks!! My kids really enjoyed many of the different snacks and decorating ideas that he discussed with Mindy. They keep asking if we can go to the bookstore and buy it ... could happen.


    We are a regular family who are fans of KiDS Place LiVE (was XMKiDS). We have no business or family relation to XM, except that according to my daughter, she and Mindy are BFFs. XM/Sirius Satellite Radio is in No Way Responsible for the Content Within This Fan Site