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Friday, February 13, 2009

13under13 - 13Feb2009

Kenny hosted this week. He played a couple songs from the Grammy winners to start.

Robbie's New Year song left the countdown. Much as we love Robbie, the song had stayed on a little past its time. I'm guessing that it might re-enter the chart again in December.

Glad to see a new entry. Robbert Bobbert has not yet grown on me, but I'm going to give it a chance. Chloe says she likes it a little, but not a lot.

1. Johnny Bregar - Dragonfly (9 weeks)
2. Billy Jonas - What Kind of Dog Are You? (7 weeks)
3. Jenny Lewis - Barking at the Moon (11 weeks)
4. Randy Kaplan - No Nothing (6 weeks)
5. SteveSongs - Giant (15 weeks)
6. Lunch Money - It Only Takes One Night To Make a Balloon Your Friend (3 weeks)
7. Brady Rymer - Road Trip (5 weeks)
8. The Roots - Lovely, Love My Family (13 weeks)
9. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE (18 weeks)
10. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa - I Like To Move It (14 weeks)
11. Medeski, Martin and Wood - On An Airplane (4 weeks)
12 Kat Vellos - 5 on 5 (17 weeks)
13. Robbert Bobbert - We Are Superheros (debut)

Past Freshness Date:
\Robbie Schaefer - The Resolutions Song (8 weeks)

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