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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Book Hour - Florence Parry Heide

On today's show, Mindy interviewed Florence Parry Heide, author of The One and Only Marigold. Unfortunately, we missed the second half of the interview as we were told that the forward door had been closed and we had to turn off all electronic devices.

Ms. Heide called in from her home in WI and shared with us her big news of the week, which is that she is about to turn 90 years old! Wow! When she she was growing up, it was the time of the First World War, she didn't have tv or a telephone, and she loved to play games with her friends. She had bikes, skates and scooters.

She said that it is important to remember that whatever age you are, it is a wonderful age to be! However, she mostly remembers being a kid and that her life was full of sunshine. She wonders about today's listeners. In fifty years, what will you look back on and be amazed about? (The other day, Camille pointed out that there were no mobile phones and internet when I was a kid.) Mindy suggested one such invention that is likely to come about is that of automatic toilet paper dispensers?

Ms. Heide also said that it is important to put something out into the world (does this blog count?). Sshe said that people would ask her where her ideas came from and he would answer "I don't know.: She realized that isn't a very nice answer and started to try to learn about where her ideas came from. She described them as invisible balloons floating everywhere and she would sometimes pull them down with an invisible string.

As for her book, it is about a little girl named Marigold, and the pictures are wonderful. There are four stories in the book. And that's all we heard.

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