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Friday, April 10, 2009

Baseball Songs

This weekend, the special presentation on KPL was "Baseball Songs".

But really, no "Baseball Dreams" from Ralph's World?? Di I miss it? If not, how disappointing.

  • Justin Roberts - Pop Fly
  • Peter, Paul and Mary - Right Field
  • Milkshake - Baseball
  • Brooks and Dunn - Keep On Swinging
  • Peter Himmelman - Basbeball Tips with Professor Buckley
  • You're A Good Man Charlie Brown - T-E-A-M
  • Talkin' Baseball - Terry Cashman (I think, no info came across the feed)
  • Tom Paxton - The Baseball Kids
  • Bill Harley - Love of the Game
  • John Fogerty - Centerfield
  • Eddie from Ohio - Catchers Drummers Anchormen
  • Bud Abbott and Lou Costello - Who's on First
  • Peter Himmelman - Roll Around
  • Willie Dixon & McKinley Mitchell - That Last Home Run
  • Brooks & Dunn - Swing It
  • Tom Paxton - The Monkey's Baseball Game
  • Smash Mouth - All Star ('89)
  • Smash Mouth - All Star ('99)
  • Chicken Litte - We Are the Champions

    For more baseball songs, see Zooglobble's List of Baseball Songs

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