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Friday, May 29, 2009

Randy Kaplan at XM - 28 May 2009

Yesterday, we were excited to get back to the Rumpus Room at XM in DC for our third time in May! It was so great to see Randy Kaplan perform live in the XM LiVE Performance Studio! We've seen him a couple times before, but never for a full show, and it was great! We love his sense of humor and way of blending song and outrageous stories.

While we waited in the lobby for Mindy to come get us and bring us upstairs, weren't we surpised to see Robbie come down. And then Mindy. And then Kenny and Jinx walked in too! Wow! I don't think I've ever seen all four of them in one place! After we went up to the waiting area outside the performane studio, Mindy sat down to rad a story. And Robbie sat on the floor right in front of her. And Kenny sat in his lap. What a silly crew they are!!!

Chloe was thrilled that he did "Shampoo Me" and I was so happy that he played the "Grape Juice Hesitation Blues." He got the audience interacting on songs that they had never heard before. Everyone had a blast, but the loyal KPL listeners were quite anxious for him to get to the two songs that KPL has been playing (over and over) lately. After the show, he hung out with the fans until he had to run to catch his train. Camille and I found it amusing that Randy had the "Ladybug Without Spots" verse order taped to the guitar.

  • Good Morning Blues
  • Grape Juice Hesitation Blues
  • Mosquito Song
  • The Fire Engine
  • Shampoo Me
  • The Lady Bug without Spots
  • Michael Finnegan
  • You Can't Always Get What You Want
  • Loquat Rooftop
  • Roaches
  • Over the Rainbow
  • No Nothin'
  • Tomorrow
  • Gotta Get Gone
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