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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pepperoni Stick, Eh?



I knew it!  My Go-Tart did not break Frankfurter's heart!  The crazy Pepperoni Stick that's been sighted everywhere is actually running around with a Chewy Dipps granola bar, not my sweet Go-Tart.  The look-alikes have been showing up everywhere my Go-Tart and her Hot Dog BOY-Friend have been, pretending to be them.  These PepperDipps imposters are nothing but trouble.  Meanwhile my poor Go-Tart and Frankfurter are being hounded everywhere they go.  Kids are yelling, "There they are!" and chasing them all across the country.  They're scared, they're lost, and I'm afraid my sweet Go-Tart and her Hot Dog BOY-Friend will never get home.  If you really love Frankfurter, you'll stop spreading rumors about my poor sweet Go-Tart and help these two young processed foodstuffs find their way home.


Your pal,


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