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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Peter Himmelman in the Rumpus Room

Our year in DC is coming to a close. While I doubt that it was our last Rumpus Room Concert (we had been to 3 or 4 before this year), it is our last for a while. And what fun it was! A nice crowd came out to see Peter Himmelman. I wasn't sure if the show was going to be Peter solo or not, and it turned out that a nice band had been cobbled together -- I think Peter said that they had only rehearsed once, earlier in the day.

The show was incredibly fun (and funny). Little Rhett stole the show with his antics. Hey, if your mom is the boss and your dad is in the band, you kind of get a little crazy, huh? The kids in the audience had great fun, making large dancing circles. Even the babies got into it; two babies did a little call and response screeching.

While we love Peter's CDs, I wasn't sure what to expect from a live show. It was wonderful! He has a wry sense of humor, played just right. One kid told Peter it was his birthday, and Peter made up a song right there on the spot, as well as freestyling verses into other songs. Wonderful and fun!

We're so happy that we got this chance to see Peter Himmelman perform live!

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