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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Absolutely Zooglobble

This evening, Mindy talked with Stefan Shepard, author of the great kids' music blog Zooglobble. We are regular readers of his site and have actually been honored to meet him a few times -- he's a wonderfully knowledgeable, friendly guy!

Anyway, Stefan and Mindy had a nice chat. First, Mindy asked Stefan what he looked like (hey I know!). Then they chatted about music. Stefan is still having fun with the kids' music.

His thee most favorite albums of the year were "Let's Go Everywhere", "Here Come the 123s" and "Snacktime". WHAT??? No "Pop Fly"?? He also likes Recess Monkey, The Terrible Twos, and Dan Zanes (three weeks of shows in NYC -- we're going on Saturday). All grown-up bands who put out kids' music. TMBG is almost a kids' band now. More and more adult artists are deciding it is okay to make music for kids (like Peter Himmelman).

A big part of the music is enjoying the music as a family. House parties, caroling, singing, dancing and playing music together is wonderful. Oatmeal canisters is great.

Stefan's wife helped him get into writing about kids' music.

Finally he mentioned "Pop Fly". Yeah, Justin.

Can't wait to here more from Stefan.

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