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Friday, December 5, 2008

Interview - The Wonder Pets

This is the third time that The Wonder Pets have been on the Absolutely Mindy Show. They are actually girls, who play The Wonder Pets. Their new DVD is called "The Wonder Pets Save the Nutcracker" and the show will air next week on Nickelodeon.

They do one episode at a time and seem to really love doing the show. Their day is that they get picked up from school and go to record for four hours in the studio. The Wonder Pets sang Happy Birthday to Mindy; how sweet is that!!! What a great gift :)

Chloe called in to talk to talk to the Wonder Pets and wonder if they looked like the characters they play (no they don't). She went on to talk about our turtle and the fact that she wants a guinea pig. (I personally was confused because we kept the radio on and the time delay was weird. Usually we turn it off, but I missed so much of the conversation yesterday that I couldn't do it.)

The person who plays the voice of the boy turtle is really a girl -- I love these girls. They are so fun and happy and wonderful with the kid callers. They have been doing the Wonder Pets for SIX years!!!! The duckling was 4.5 years old (OMG).

Their voices are distinct and they are so enthusiastic and excited. It almost makes me want to watch their show. We have never seen the show, but I love the interviews that they do with Mindy.

They sang the finale live on the air. Thanks guys!!!!

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