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Friday, December 12, 2008

Recap of Mindy's Party

Apologies if I forget your favorite part, so much went on! Please leave a comment with your favorite part.

After a vote here ont he website, it was decided that the party should be held inside of a pinata. Since Mindy ws inside what sounded to be a very crowded pinata, she couldn't tell what kind it was. Quincy called in to report that it looked like a sleeve of french fries, which went along with the giant potato and tater toddler doll theme. At some points during the party, Mindy reported that the pinata was spinning and bumping, so batman and Robin were on the lookout outside for anyone holding bats or sticks.

ScribbleJim from ScribbleMonster called in from inside the pinata to wish Mindy a Happy Birthday and say that while having all the candy was great, it was the bottom of the barrel candy -- too much Bit o Honey and not enough Hershey's. He sang the "Half-Hearted Birthday Song" to Mindy right there.

Other kids called in to report people in costumes were there, such as a bunny and a twinkie?

Gavin the Magical Birthday Genie (why did you keep calling him a fairy, Mindy? And he sounded like The Weirdo to me, but I could be wrong.) came out for the first time in 500 years to offer Mindy three wishes. She asked for a tater toddler doll with tapeworm accessory, a taco bed and people to be nice to each other.

The kids played pin the tail on the donkey and helped Mindy blow out the candles on the cake. I missed a bit of that, but it sounded like they blew the cake away?

Great party everyone! Happy Birthday Mindy!

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Anonymous said...

Santa Claus doesn't believe in Califlordia :(


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