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Friday, January 2, 2009

13 under 13 - 2Jan2009

Mindy hosted this week, starting off some "NEW" music like "New Day" and "New Shoes."

No shock that a new song from Billy Jonas entered. I was guessing it would be either that or Randy Kaplan's "No Nothing." Mindy has made it no secret that she really likes Billy's new CD Happy Accidents.

Also, no surprise that the Christmas song from the Imagination Movers fell off the chart; it is past Christmas now...

I personally don't see why the new Madagascar song should go to #1. There are songs more deserving than a remake like that....just my 2 cents.

1. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa - I Like To Move It (8 weeks)
2. SteveSongs - Giant (9 weeks)
3. ScribbleMonster - The Song of LIFE (12 weeks)
4. The Roots - Lovely, Love My Family (7 weeks)
5. Kat Vellos - 5 on 5 (11 weeks)
6. Jenny Lewis - Barking at the Moon (5 weeks)
7. Johnny Bregar - Dragonfly (3 weeks)
8. Trout Fishing in America - Pearl (14 weeks)
9. The Sippy Cups - Ladybug Beat (6 weeks)
10. Laurie Berkner - Fast and Slow (13 weeks)
11. Robbie Schaefer - The Resolutions Song (2 weeks)
12. The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell (19 weeks)
13. Billy Jonas - What Kind of Dog Are You? (debut)

Past Freshness Date:
10. Imagination Movers - It's Christmas (3 weeks)

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Gidon Coussin said...

thanks for this post. I was looking for this list of songs for a while now and i have downloaded them all now .. thanks


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