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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interview - Eliza Hope Bennett

The new movie Inkheart is scheduled to come out next Friday. Here at the GBK house, we started reading books by Cornelia Funke many years ago, and we all just loved Inkheart!! I have no doubt that we will eventually see this new movie.

Today, Mindy chatted with Eliza Hope Bennett, one of the stars of the movie. She plays Meggie in the movie. Eliza discusses the plot of the movie, which I won't repeat her!

Eliza hadn't read the books until she decided to audition for the part, then she read Inkheart and Inkspell quickly. Being an actress is kind of like Inkheart in that you have to move between worlds. She talked about one scene in which a tornado is read out of The Wizard of OZ.

Cornelia had written that Brendan Fraser had inspired her character of Meggie's dad, Mo, so it was no surprise that Brendan was chosen to play Mo. The father-daughter relationship is a bit different from "normal".

They filmed six weeks in Italy and 2.5 weeks elsewhere (Chloe talked through that part). She is 16, the movie was shot 2 years ago, she plays a 12 year old.

She loves acting since no job is the same; it is fun to play different characters and explore different times, place, and worlds. She likes to play a variety of different people.

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