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Friday, January 23, 2009

Artist Interview - Justin Roberts and Liam Davis

Justin Roberts is in DC this weekend for a show and was kind enough to get together with Mindy to chat for a bit. Happily enough, our plane landed on time and we were able to get home in time to hear the interview!

Justin and his BFF Liam came in from Chicago today -- easy flight. Justin Roberts has a new CD Pop Fly and Justin's favorite song is "Fruit Jar". Justin got a fruit jar from his grandma, and it sits in a window, probably not a great place to keep it. Liam managed to break his microphone? I bet it was Mindy that broke it.

Mindy said that Justin is usually sick when he comes? Justin played Henrietta's Hair. He told the hairbrushing inspiration story again.

Kid caller Logan wanted to know what state is Justin's favorite state to perform in. Justin said that he's performed all over. Mindy and Justin played make believe about what Justin's car and house would be like. Another kid caller, Sam, called in and said he loves Pop Fly. Justin talked about his Little League career. The one time he hit the ball, it went down the line and then fouled.

Justin just called Mindy spacey. Really. Claire called in from Ala. Justin's favorite "fast" song is Cartwheels and Somersaults. His favorite slow one is "Moving." Justin's wife moved a lot since her father was in the Air Force.

Justin wrote down an idea for a new song "Claire and Sam." He and Liam sang part of it right there on the radio. (Justin giggles a lot.) Mindy didn't like the peanut butter and "Pam" part. (Peanut butter has a salmonella problem these days.)

Liam is playing a pot, and he has a roll of tissue paper too. They played "Pop Fly" together. I think this is the first time we've heard a live version of it? (Justin you have to come to Atlanta.) Justin said his headphones were falling off the whole time.

Justin says that he was always very nervous going to school and that he would break into tears when he realized his mother was leaving. Mindy just told Liam that he smells funny? Did I hear that right? Justin has a beat up bear when he was little, "Mr. Beasley". Liam had a Stretch Armstrong doll...

Justin had his cell phone on; Mindy told him to turn it off.

Kid caller William called in to talk to Justin. Mindy told Justin that his hair was really flat. William asked Justin if he would play one of the songs that he knows, Track 5. Justin knew that it was Superkid. William like to pretend that he is a superhero. "Curly Man" could make straight hair curly.

Gabriel called in. What is Justin's second favorite song? He said "Meltdown." His bigger brother caused him to have meltdowns. Gabriel asked for Justin to play Meltdown. Justin does not know all the words to his songs. Matthew called in to talked to Liam. He wanted to know if Justin knew any songs about baseball catchers.

Justin is still taking notes in his journal. Liam chose for them to play "Backyard Superkid." Excellent.

I think Justin said Chlk was like an Elvis Costello song. Justin said that practice is a good way to learn. Justin didn't practice as much as he should have, so that's why Liam plays lead guitar. Justin learned piano first, but then he quit, but then he played again, and then he quit, and then he took clarinet. In junior high, he started to sing. In chorus, he did a lot of solos. Justin's mom is still so proud of him!

They played "Meltdown" live on the radio, which was very cool. The song "Giant Sized Butterfly" comes across as a truncated version.

Justin has a younger sister that is nine years younger than him, so that was the inspiration for "Airplane of Food." Emma from Illinois asked Justin how he decided to be a singer. He said that he loved music since he was young. Her sister Nina asked for a song ... "Crazy Frog"!!! Yikes!

Liam and Justin would love to play in Austin, TX. They've played in Dallas, Houston, El Paso etc, but have not played in Austin yet.

They then played "Henrietta's Hair" live. How I wish we were still in DC and going to Jammin' Java tomorrow!!!!!!

Justin's website is full of great things like CDs, videos, coloring pages, newsletters, and tour dates.

From here it sounds like Justin, Liam and Mindy all had a great time. Thanks so much all of you for getting together and letting us share in it!!

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