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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Author Interview - Jennifer and Matthew Holm

Mindy interviewed the brother-sister author-illustrator team of Babymouse, a series of books for elementary kids. While the covers may have pink in them, they aren't just for girls!

Jennifer called from San Francisco and Matthew called from Portland. There are ten books in the series. (Mindy keeps saying Baby Mouth...confused me!) The latest book is Babymouse: The Musical. Babymouse is a typical elementary student, except that she is a mouse and her frieds are cats, dogs, etc. Babymouse loves to read books, likes cupcakes and can skate a figure four.

The origin of Babymouse's name is top secret, so I guess I won't report it here, since I promised not to tell the secret. They had five kids in the family, but Jenni was the only girl.

How do they write books together? Jenni starts the process with an idea and they brainstorm ideas, then Jenni writes out the script using a storyboard with notes. Matt makes thumbnail sketches, then Jenni uses these sketches to make a rough copy. Matt draws it out with sharpie markers, then Matt makes the final on the computer after the editor gives their comments.

Matt's favorite of the series right now is Babymouse: Puppy Love. Jennifer's favorite is Babymouse: The Musical.

While on the air, they all acted out a bit of the book, very silly were they!

Ed. note: I fixed the spelling of Jenni's name and added the following link on 1/16.

Matt's Blog entry about the appearance

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