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Friday, November 21, 2008

Book Time - Robert Sabuda

Mindy interviewed Robert Sabuda. He has created the Classical Book Pop-Up collection, including Peter Pan, the Wizard of OZ, Alice in Wonderland. Robert paraphrases the books using original language and original words (abridged). It takes a year at max to make a book.

Peter Pan is a rough one. I read it aloud to Camille when she was younger and the vocabulary in that was intense. Crickey!

Every time you open the page, it jumps out at you! He did his first book when he was eight, but then gave up for a while before getting back into it. He went to art school and made a great pop-up project. He feels very lucky to have discovered his calling. He hopes that he can reach kids who may want to grow up to be an artist or an author. And we are so glad that Mindy brings us people like Robert.

He makes pop-ups can be called "paper engineering". It takes a lot of time to get it to work the way you want.

You can go to his website where there is a huge section on making your own pop-up books. You can use construction paper, as long as it has a little bit of weigh to it.

WHOA! Every book is made completely by hand! I can't believe it. One thousand people make a total of 10,000 books a week (did I hear that right?). Oh man. Those folks are topnotch at what they do and are lightning fast.

Here's a video of the book:

He has a new book, called Winter in White.

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