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Monday, November 3, 2008

Continuing Live Coverage

The Weirdo called in to the Real Tall Tree to get in touch with the swing voters. The Weirdo promises to reduce the tree-cutting down in Coliflordia, but that lumberjacks are people too. Ice cream, Milkless Brownies and World Peace are part of his promises. He may call into the Animal Farm tomorrow. The Weirdo might kiss some baby animals, but not the llama. Everybody should get out and vote, but especially if they are voting for The Weirdo.

Quincy is undecided. He is lactose intolerant. Who should he vote for? He's great at karate. He says to Mindy "I don't understand a word you are saying."

[Ed. note: Which is what I am sure I heard Chloe tell her earlier. I think Mindy was off-air for too many days (or maybe not enough?).]

JudyG has been accused of using "shrimp-boat tactics" by luring the voters in by impressing them with her knowledge (she has memorized the presidents - and sang them for us). She worries that using plastic eggs will leave us with too few eggs for Easter.

Kaitlyn is all for lactose tolerance and will vote for JudyG.
David will vote for JudyG because he likes gum.

David Cook (winner of Season 7 of American Idol) believes in free ice cream (saturdays and Sunday) and milkless brownies, and endorses The Weirdo for governor of Coliflordia.

Cathy Travis, author of Constitution Translated for Kids, called in. The Weirdo first claimed that he didn't go on a $150K shopping trip, then admitted that he would sell the clothes on eBay for $200K to raise money for Coliflordia. Cathy suggested that The Weirdo get his grassroots network going. Anyone of any age can campaign, even if they cannot vote. The Weirdo encourages everyone to vote, but has not thrown in the towel. It is important that we support democracy. Cathy Travis has endorsed plastic eggs as the official currency.

Lots of talk about elections, government and more.

JudyG encourages people to vote and thanks those that have voted. She wants to make the people's dreams and hopes to become reality. JudyG. believes that the ducks will help reduce the number of breadcrumbs, helping to limit the over-availability of currency. JudyG. says it doesn't matter what is covering your eyes, even those with glasses, contacts, and patches. She will provide bottled water so the pirates will no longer have to drink the eye of Coliflordia. "A vote for Judy Gumsmacker is a vot for a comfortable, chocolate-filled tummy.

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