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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Woke Up To A New 116?

What did Kenny say? Did he say "Kids Place Live"? Yes he did!

welcome to the new 116!

The News:
Sirius Kids' Suff and XMKiDS have been merged into a new "KiDS Place LiVE." Having not ever hear the Sirius channel, I understand the the XMKiDS programming was far more to our liking, and we are so relieved to hear that the XMKiDS programming is being migrated to the new combined channel.

Reassurance from the Press Release:
Kids Place Live, targeted to entertain kids aged 3-8, now offers the best kid-friendly music previously heard on Kids Stuff and XM Kids, along with hosts Kenny Curtis, Absolutely Mindy and Robbie Schaeffer, and guests and specials.

I have to ask, though, why did Robbie change his name during the night too? From KiDS Place LiVE:
All Fun for Kids

Fun specials and shows from Kenny Curtis, Absolutely Mindy, and Robby Schaffer.

Accidental XMK/XMKiDS mentions: 5
(We're all human, and I don't expect these guys to easily erase XMKiDS from their brains....but it is fun anyway.)

Listening to Kenny go though all the details - email addresses, web sites, channels. A mom called in saying "Hey there's talking on my Sirius Kids' Stuff!" And, I guarantee she will love it!

Dirk and Kenny discussed name changes. Dirk will now call Kenny "Larry." Dirk's new name is "Colt."

Kenny reassures the XM listeners that only the name is changing. Nothing else! Hooray!

The change hasn't affected Chloe. She called in to talk to Dirk. She chatted with Kenny a bit and then with Dirk -- telling him that if it his birthday, he should take over the KPL Animal Farm.

Kenny did it! And it sounded great! I have no idea how smooth it was on his end, but from the XM listener side, it was business as usual. Hooray!
Kenny's XMK slip-up total: 5 (maybe I missed some, but still not bad!)

Shushybye is still here. You know, I just don't get it. Maybe if it was played at night, it would make sense, but at 12:30pm when we are wide awake, it just is bizarre.

I was offline, but got this report from a listener:
There was just an "angry mom" call on Absolutely Mindy, LOL. She missing the boring repetitive preschool loop with no DJs and the same songs every hour or so that was Sirius Kid Stuff.

Camille responds "If you listen for a while, you will be sure to like it!"

Another unhappy mom that wants her Kids' Stuff back. I wish she had asked for the song she wanted. Mindy would have happily played it for her. I do feel sorry for the Sirius listeners who were surprised by this change in programming. But while they may not know the songs today, if they ask for their favorites to be played, they will be played. And they will hear new kids' music that is sure to please as well!

Okay, music with no guitars? Really? Two year olds can appreciate music with guitars, I promise. Please give it a chance. I have been to many a concert where the toddlers bop along to the real music. And it is good. "Toast" was a really funny listener suggestion, better than any that came to my mind!


Mark Uhde said...

There was just an "angry mom" call on Absolutely Mindy, LOL. She missing the boring repetitive preschool loop with no DJs and the same songs every hour or so that was Sirius Kid Stuff.

Myself, on the other hand, would cancel XM in an instant if Kid Stuff had taken over... (I might cancel anyways and switch to Sirius but I want to make sure Kids Place Live is here for the long term before I buy a Sirius receiver - Sirius has better reception in the mountains up here due to the satellite angle)

GBK Gwyneth said...

Mark - Thanks for the report. I sure hope that it was a joke, but I'm going to post it on the blog, anyway.

I agree, without our on-air-personalities, it would just be too boring!

Mark Uhde said...

Not only did Kid Stuff not have the on-air personalities, it was preschool music. XM Kids is targeted a little older.

I listen to two stations on XM basically - XM Kids (uh, Kids Place Live), usually when I'm driving my cousins around (which happens a lot in my world), but also a lot of times on my own when I just need something to relax to and make me laugh.

Also, I listen to Enlighten when I need more hope than laughter. That's it.

Basically, I was quite worried either or both of those would go away in this merger and thus far they haven't, which is really good! And they're now on the Sirius radios that get better reception (I live in the very north of the country and Sirius satellites come in at a higher angle) so if things stay the way they are for a few months, I'll be out to get a new radio!

James said...

I know absolutely nothing about the XM channel but one of the only reasons I kept paying for 3 sattelite radios was Kids Stuff. I picked up my 4 year old from daycare and heard a REALLY cool Star Wars tune and then it was followed by something GOOFY! Then some DJ pops on and starts chatting up and BAM my pre-schooler FLIPS out! "I want Kids Stuff not Radio Disney!!"

The engineers didn't mix it right and you could hear a father talking sternly to the DJ about wanting Kids Stuff back.

Does this channel play Laurie Berkner, Imagination Movers, at the like? Because if they don't, I'm seriously considering dropping Sirius and just moving to an ipod.

GBK Gwyneth said...

James - Please be sure to let them know what you like and don't like! But yes, they absolutely play Laurie Berkner (who is recorindg a show in the in-house live performance theater very soon), Imagination Movers, Ralph's World, Dan Zanes, soundtracks, theme songs and much, much more!

Give it some time, and I bet once it is a little more familiar to you and your kids, you will all love it! Let your kid call in and chat and then hear themselves on the air -- how cool is that!

The DJs love the kids, get to know them and establish a fun repport with them.

Mark Uhde said...

As has been said, james, XM Kids is great. I had Sirius and switched FOR XM Kids. It's the closest thing to the Radio Aahs that I grew up with in my childhood. A new generation can enjoy the same kid friendly (unlike Radio Disney which it totally inappropriate in my opinion) live, interactive radio.

If you want a preschool loop, buy an ipod and stick and few preschool CDs in and toss it on shuffle! But don't try to get Sirius XM to ruin XM Kids/Kids Place Live.

And again, a note to any Sirius programming people - you kill the great programming that is XM Kids/Kids Place Live at this minute, and I cancel. No second thoughts, no nothing. Just gone. And it'll be a sad day...

James said...

I'm willing to give it a chance but I'm seriously not happy with the format switch! I took my 4 year-old to preschool this morning and heard Crazy Frog (which he loves!) and DJ for the rest of the drive. No other music was played...

I called Sirius Customer Service about the channel lineup and spoke to a SUPER NICE lady who told me they have just been slammed with calls about the new lineup.

I listened to the station all the way to work this morning and I still don't like the format change. I don't care about a talking chipmunk, I'd rather hear music. If I wanted talk radio there are TONS of channels available for that!

I can see how Kids Place Live is a great station for older kids (and my 2 older one's will like it) but no there's nothing for the pre-school agers. (or for my little one on the way)

I asked the Sirius CSR why it has to be an either/or situation. The lineup looks like there's a few open channels, why not bring Kids Stuff back on another channel and make everyone happy?

Google, "Kids Place Live" and you'll find I'm not alone in this matter.

here's hoping they expand their lineup and just bring it back somewhere else. It's not hard to switch a pre-set, ya know.


We are a regular family who are fans of KiDS Place LiVE (was XMKiDS). We have no business or family relation to XM, except that according to my daughter, she and Mindy are BFFs. XM/Sirius Satellite Radio is in No Way Responsible for the Content Within This Fan Site