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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Continuing Live Coverage

Jeanette McCurdy from iCarly called in and was quite excited about the iGoToJapan show. She voted for The Weirdo, because she loves ice cream.

Nathan Cress, Freddy from iCarly, called in and talked about iGoToJapan, Nov 8th at 8pm on Nickelodeon. But they didn't get to go to Japan; the set designers built Japan in a parking lot. He was going for The Weirdo, but then thought he was too weird. So he thinks Judy Gumsmacker is the perfect candidate.

JudyG called in to explain that she can relate to the Hillbilly Hillside citizens via a song and dance number.

Hillbilly Hillside citizens live in shoe boxes and cannot vote because they cannot get online. They need more houses and stuff; either shoe boxes or real houses. Samwich Sam endorses The Weirdo.

Special Agent Emily is manning the exit polls on and while The Weirdo was ahead on those polls, JudyG is gaining on him currently. The voters would like to hear more on the economy and on the octopus ink. Some people believe in the plentiful breadcrumbs, others are worried about the plastic eggs, as they are only readily available around Easter. Most people don't like the idea of keep the baby teeth as the currency.

If there is a tie, there will be a Duncan Hines Brownie cook-off (or something like that).

The Weirdo's campaign HQ is crazy busy. He says he keeps cool under pressure, and agrees that name calling is a bad idea. Has JudyG said how she is going to pay for her promises? Yet taking ink from octopi is cruelty. will he be eating on octo-pie tonight to celebrate? He is looking for 100-200 votes. He wishes JudyG. the best of luck.

JudyG on the phone now. Thinks the voting public should get out there and vote. If she becomes the governor of Coliflordia, she will help everyone live healthy, happy lives with every need fulfilled. She would make sure that the lactose intolerant would be on the same level as the lactose tolerant. She will not call The Weirdo names, because he is a very nice person.

On the phone with Susan Goodman, author of See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House by Susan Goodman and Elwood Smith. She is concerned with the voter turnout, but she agrees that there has been lots of healthy debate. She remarks that in the past many candidates have used insults to get the votes out. Potbellied mutton-headed cucumber was one such insult used in the past. She thinks that an "honorable campaign" is best, however.

She also told a story about a raucous party held by Andrew Jackson. She is also the author of The Truth About Poop. She says that at one time there was the Free Pony and Ice Cream Political Party.

Voter fraud still exists. People try to steal elections from others, but hopefully this wouldn't happen in Coliflordia, would it? People could try to vote more than once or vote even if they are older than 13.

Every family should have a bill of rights. All over the country, voting is different. At first no paper, just spoken. Then paper, then the Australian ballot (a secret ballot). Then onto discussion of the electoral college, but no electoral college in the governor's race....if there is a tie, there will be a recount.

On, Susan is collecting messages for the next president.

Phlash Phelps (The Human Electoral Map Quest?) from XM 60's on 6 states that Snoopy won over on that 60's station, beating Alvin. The Weirdo and JudyG are running neck and neck. Lots of population in the middle of the country that could play a big part. He's done exit polls asking which exit they live off of the interstate. He knows the exits well, but maybe we know better the 85-95 route that we drive between Atlanta and DC...

[Ed. note: Phlash speaks to fast for me! Chloe agrees that he is a "fast talker".]

The Weirdo is NOT wearing his green sweatshirt. He is nervous about the polls, because he is trailing JudyG. "Vote thirty people for me!" He states that the official language in Coliflordia is gibberish because it is easy to speak. (Ed. note: I am too old to understand the conversation between Mindy and The Weirdo in Gibberish -- no translator available.) He doesn't think his name is an more of a liability than Judy Gumsmacker's.

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