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Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday News

Animal Farm:
Sounded like a nice day on the farm. A caller asking for Elvis was pretty funny!

Absolutely MiNDY:
Mindy did an interview with Jordan Francis, who played Brannon in Camp Rock. He is going to star in an upcoming series Connor Undercover. While I don't know much about any of those things, he was a fun interviewee and talked to Mindy about how he worked on memorizing his lines.

Mindy THOUGHT she was supposed to talk to Justin Roberts today, but she got her days mixed up, and she will talk to him tomorrow about the Listen to Your Buds campaign.

Mindy, if Robbie has a Dog and Pony show in the Real Tall Tree, I have to wonder how the dogs and ponies don't fall out of said tree?

The Real Tall Tree:
Billy Jonas and his friend Jake joined Robbie Schaefer in the Real Tall Tree. Billy has a new CD Happy Accidents that will be released next month (Dec 10th). Robbie played the song "Vitamin Alphabet" to start out the fun.

They talked about the updated "What Kind of Cat Are You?" called "What Kind of Dog Are You?" which has verses about different animals. I LOVE the "Yak" verse and the "Tick" one too! Hey Billy, what kind of carp is on your floor???? How FUN was that! What kind of B-are you? "rob-BIE" should have been the answer!

Robbie and Billy spoke to a big little fan Meredith (and her 12 year old friend) on the phone. They played another new song "To Be One" live. Very beautiful! They talked about the song "I Like Yaks" that Billy made with Roger Day, then played it (not live). The last sneak preview from the CD was "We Are Hollow Bamboo".

Sunday Dec 21st is the big release party in Asheville at the Thomas Wolfe auditorium.

Billy states that music can happen anywhere at anytime with anyone. A "Billy Jonas Tree House Jams" special will be coming soon, sometime around Dec 10th.

And, no, he is not the dad of the Jonas Brothers. We can't wait to hear the Tree House Jams with Billy Jonas coming next month!

The Gooney Bird Girls with Billy Jonas in Atlanta:

On the Blog:
We posted the 13 under 13 and the 13 under 13 poll. Feel free to send in photos and drawings for publication! (See the email address on the right.) Also, a link to the KiDS Place LiVE Facebook Group has been added.

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