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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cities of Coliflordia

Wow, never heard of it before, but I guess there is a Soggy Bottom in Coliflordia. What other towns/locales are there that we've not heard of (or have heard of?

Send a picture in and we'll post it!!!!!

Now there is Mix-Match City... sky is red and the grass is purple.

Watermelon Seedy reports that people are screaming, underpants on their heads, yellow shoes.

Phoney Phone City - everyone is talking on the phone?

Polar Town has no real homes, but people live in igloos. It is below zero there.

Bodyodor has decided that they are going to play XMKiDs music very loud, run around in their underpants, hold their dirty gym socks and scream their heads off.

Wacky Wingtown has the mayor Wacky Walbert who has wings, so the tooth fairy is suing him. He can make other people fly as well.

Animal Town - where the people can turn into animals -- not just regular animals, but mix-match animals too!!! You can't do anything to hurt the animals or you will get kicked out to Soggy Bottom.

Holiday City, Holiday Lake, Christmas Town, Easter City, and Independence Village, celebrating holidays, 24/7.

One listener's view of Watermelon Seedy:

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