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Friday, November 14, 2008

For The Weirdo and Other Fans

Remember that you can always reach the blog at which is pretty easy to remember!!

And The Weirdo, JudyG, and other citizens of Coliflordia. You are more than welcome to discuss current events in the great state here on the blog. You may not reach as many as you would over the airwaves, you will reach some and they can spread the word.

I don't blame MiDNY for putting Coliflordia news on the back burner while there are more pressing issues at the moment. I would too. But please feel free to share here while we wait for the dust to settle.


Anonymous said...

This is pure gossip, so I hope it's not true, but I post it so that we might be able to make a difference if it is.

I've heard people online say that Sirius customer service has told them Kid Stuff will be returning in January. Since, presumably, Sirius is not likely to use the bandwidth for two kids stations, if there is any truth to this, they may have decided to give Kids Place Live the axe :(

If there is any truth to this, which I doubt, but even so it's worth posting, I want all Sirius XM employees out there to know that without Mindy and Robbie, you lose me as a customer. No biggie, just something to know. Yeah, I know you have people canceling now. But I truly believe you'll have MORE of us canceling with Mindy and Robbie gone if you were to make that horrible mistake...

the weirdo said...

Personly i don't think they will change it because if they do they will have just as many complainers.


We are a regular family who are fans of KiDS Place LiVE (was XMKiDS). We have no business or family relation to XM, except that according to my daughter, she and Mindy are BFFs. XM/Sirius Satellite Radio is in No Way Responsible for the Content Within This Fan Site