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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

News from Coliflordia

(Oh, I forgot to add -- YEAHHHHHHH!)

The Weirdo, Lt. Gov. of Coliflordia, called in to talk about the little monster babies that the Coliflordian citizens have bought at pet shops. These monster babies are going to grow up and destroy things in Coliflordia. Keep the monster babies on leashes. Are there any little monster baby trainers?

(Ed. note: Mail in drawings of your little monster babies, and we will post them on the blog.)

Gabby called to said she's working on a little monster baby adopting machine. And then something about diapers. I dunno.

Catherine is little monster baby trainer at a facility in Coliflordia. They like to knock down blocks. They destroy things when they are little so they don't feel like doing it when they become adults. "Destroying Toys" is the name of the facility.

Kennedy is looking for some potty training advice.

Nina thinks it could be hard, so you just should pay attention to what they are doing. It might take a whole year. People could make little diapers.

(Ed note: And I did find a personal penguin for Mindy here; I just didn't gift her with one! What's the breadcrumb/USD exchange rate?)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Today absolutely Mindy sounded like it should! Maybe there's hope for Kids Place Live... we just need Sirius to keep it around.


We are a regular family who are fans of KiDS Place LiVE (was XMKiDS). We have no business or family relation to XM, except that according to my daughter, she and Mindy are BFFs. XM/Sirius Satellite Radio is in No Way Responsible for the Content Within This Fan Site