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Friday, October 17, 2008

Artist Interview - Sippy Rudy

Today, Mindy interviewed Rudy Trubitt, the guitar player from The Sippy Cups. The band has a new EP called One Day Soon (available from iTunes) which has five songs. (EP means "extended play".) Their new CD "The Time Machine" is due out in the spring, but they wanted to get some new songs out sooner. "One Day Soon" is the first song, and it is about things that kids can almost do, but can't quite do yet, but will be able to do soon. (Like us getting the new full length CD...) Rudy penned "Ladybug Beat," about aphids tasting so sweet. "Effervescing Elephant" was written by Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett.

Rudy described their shows with a circus-like feel on top of the rock-n-roll party. The Sippy Cups are all about color -- so Rudy has never worn his cow suit on stage.

Rudy also discussed their new video "The Day After Halloween." Sippy Henry's bedroom is the bedroom in the video, and Henry is the ghost.

Rudy was a great interviewee (even if his phone was not behaving well making it hard to hear some of what he said) and seemed to enjoy talking about the new CD and how they came up with the ideas for the various songs. Thanks, Mindy and Sippy Rudy!

Mindy also played an interview she had done with Diana DiGarmo from American Idol talked about "American Idol Rewind" -- Behind the scenes. (Never having seen American Idol, I didn't get it.)

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