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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Live Campaign Trail Coverage

Andrew Katz (son of Alan Katz) has been out campaigning for The Weirdo. He thinks the name "The Weirdo" is a good one since it reflects who he really is. But it might not work well for foreign policy. People are ready for The Weirdo to be governor. The signs are invisible in Ghosttown, so not a whole lot going on there.

William has exciting news that he is throwing his hat in as the candidate of the Greek Myth party. But it is too late....(Does Greek yogurt have lactose?)

Alan Katz called in and says that he woud vote more than once. How many bathrooms are there in the White House? The wrong answer is 15.

ScribbeJim called in with concerns about the lactose free and chocolate stances of the candidates. His big concern is that "I L-O-V-E L-A-C-T-O-S-E F-R-E-E C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E M-I-L-K" is just TOO Long. ScribbleJim can't give up his dairy, and he can't give up his chocolate milk. Does The Weirdo really mean "ice cream" or is he talking "Italina Ice" or "Popsicles" Jim loves his brownies and is really not sure about the milkless ones. Jim wants clarification on their dairy and chocolate stances. He can't vote for milkless brownies and wants to be sure that the candidates are not excluding those that are pro-dairy. What would it do to Jim's livelihood if the lyrics would have to change? The band would have to rework the song, and it would be the end of the band.
[Ed. note: Jim is too old to vote. But he could endorse.]

Emma, Octopus campaign manager, was nervous at the beginning. She thinks that JudyG. handled the questions well and is ready for her Katie Couric interview. Emma thinks JudyG has the upper hand in the debate. "Vote for Judy Gumsmacker. Weirdo, that's Weird, NO! (or something like that)."

Jack supports his candidate's stance of not wasting band-aids, but he agrees with JudyG's use of band-aids to protect bruises. If a stuffed animal would need a band-aid, he would suggest sewing it or using vegetarian duct tape. Jack lives in Pennsylvania, not Virginia.

The Debate, see the other post.

Emma thinks it was noble for Serious D to withdraw but suggests that if Serious D has a younger sibling, they could run. Mindy thinks maybe it is too late for that and that The Weirdo will have to look out for the members of the Tree Party. Emma still pledges to reduce the paper waste.

Serious D. called in to talk about the Joe Lumberjacks of the state. More trees cut down is better for the tree people and also provides more oxygen. On the record, Mindy asked him how old he is: 16 years old. Serious D has now withdrawn from the ticket because of his ineligibility and has now endorsed The Weirdo.

Iconic Joe Lumberjack called in and expressed surprise at the formation of the Tree Party and their motto. He loves his squirrel friends, but if he doesn't have a job, that would be awful. He is endorsing The Weirdo. He claims that JudyG would put him out of a job. Because she likes the squirrels and stuffed animals. Joe Lumberjack is not registered to vote. He feels honored to have become a star in the past 10 minutes.

Emma called in and commented that she isn't sure about "The Tree Party" entry. And that Robbie might be jealous of the campaign. Mindy replied that Robbie is concerned for the people that live in trees in Coliflordia.

Emma believes that less paper should be made and that would show more respect for the tree party. No more post-its, a greener approach would be appropriate.

A new party formed last night on Robbie Schaefer's "Real Tall Tree." A mysterious caller asked where the two parties stood on trees. Serious D decided he would run under the "Tree Party."

The Weirdo is wearing comfortable shoes as he walks along the campaign trail. The Weirdo thinks it will be hard for Serious D, the Tree Party candidate to get into the race so late in the game. The Weirdo is looking out for "Joe Lumberjack" since trees don't have brains. The Weirdo doesn't agree with the statement "trees are people too."

The Weirdo has cracked a deal with the Easter Bunny who would provide Coliflordia an abundance of plastic eggs to use in place of real eggs. This would solve the cracking and smelling problems. Having the Easter Bunny provide plastic eggs would give the Easter Bunny practice.

The Weirdo is prepared for the upcoming debate.

Election coverage will resume on Monday.

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