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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Live Election Coverage

Debate tomorrow at 5pm ET. An official town-hall debate. Listeners have to come up with the questions. Submit questions via or in the comments or call Mindy.

Mindy spoke to The Weirdo on the phone. He pledges to have a photo up soon. The Weirdo promises World Peace and free ice cream and milkless brownies on Saturdays and Sundays. To help the economy, he will change the official currency to eggs from baby teeth. He will bring in chickens from other states by packing them into a mini-van.

Question for JudyG: Taking away octopi ink will leave them defenseless; is she promoting cruelty to octopi?

Judy Gumsmacker will provided a never-ending free supply (1000 pounds) of duct tape and no ducks will be harmed. Judy suggests that hard breadcrumbs should be used as currency, since it is too much pressure on the chickens. Collecting the breadcrumbs out of the car will be a two-fold help. Cleaner cars and more currency. Judy will only take the extra ink, doing them a favor. JudyG. is planning to giver free cars to the citizens, after making them out of desserts that are lactose-free. These cars will be edible, last long and produce more crumbs.

"A vote for Judy Gumsmacker is a vote for a comfortable chocolate filled tummy."

The Weirdo says that the dessert cars will crumble and will be a bad idea. He also wants to know where people will store their breadcrumbs, since they are so easy to lose. The Weirdo, in answer to what newspapers he reads daily (mindy cracks me up), answered "the funnies."

Jack thinks that taking the octopi ink is cruel. Also, breadcrumbs might be eaten by mice if stored to long. While Jack supports The Weirdo, he thinks that eggs as currency may not be a great idea. Jack thinks that a better idea for currency would suggest plastic pieces that could designed by the governor.

His question: What is the number one priority thing that you would do to make Colifloridia a better place?

Breaking News:

Bob Staake, at 4:35pm, just endorsed "The Weirdo."

Luke Russert (23), NBC Youth Correspondent and son of late Tim Russert, notes that the candidates are making lots of promises. These promises cost money and they need to make sure they have enough currency to keep those promises. If they don't follow through on their promises, they would have a difficult time getting re-elected. They would have to be sure to blame events that developed if they can't follow through on their promises. They need to develop a good strategy.

Luke's advice for fielding questions includes avoiding the gaffe, something not exactly what you intended to say. You should rehearse and don't get off those topics. This is politics, not meant to permanently scar you. Run clean campaigns about the issues. Ideas can't get hurt.

Stay informed:
(60/20 Sports: James Carville & Luke Russert XM Sports Nation - XM 144)

Breaking news:
Jay McGaw endorsed Judy Gumsmacker, because of her lactose tolerance.

Special Agent Emily has endorsed The Weirdo. Her advice is to don't make up something and don't say something really, really stupid that will come back to haunt you. Pay close attention to the polls. Don't look like a flip-flopper. She suggests wearing supportive shoes on the campaign trail.

The ex-governor of Colifloridia, Ian Smith, called in. He gave up the office when he turned 13. He is interested in politics in his own area. Colifloridia can fly because it is shaped liked a duck, so sometimes it tries to migrate, even into Canada. The Canadians were hungry and tried to eat the state. Ian was shocked to find how nice the people were. The one body of water was in the watery eye, Thousand Eyeland. The pirates on the Eyeland were drinking the water. Take a picture to see the invisible people of Ghost-town. As of right now, Ian is undecided. Mindy encouraged him to vote, but voting is limited to people under 13 (oops).

I missed the latest development as I had to go to a short meeting. I hear that there is some sort of tree-uprising? That those people stuck in real tall trees feel that they are not being fairly represented.
Baby teeth is the currency in Colifloridia.

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