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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Book Hour and More

Whoa - I thought I was busy today!! We did manage to catch some of Mindy's show, though not as much as we wanted. We forgot to take Robbie (our XM receiver) with us, so no XM while driving around. Too bad XM doesn't have an iPhone client yet (as far as I know). Other things we forgot today -- Chloe's goggles (left in DC last weekend), a top to Chloe's swimsuit (grabbed two bottoms by accident -- but we were early enough to have time to run home to fix the problem), my phone (left at gymnastics).

Enough about my "mommy had a virus yesterday brain" ... Back to Mindy's guests today.

First up was Drew Lachey and the Magical Veggie Challenge:
Help us right this musical wrong. Gather family and friends to record a video performance of your rewritten bean chant that conveys beans are a vegetable.

Submit your video for a chance to win $5,000 and a trip to New York to meet Drew Lachey and perform your chant!

Next up was Savannah Outen, who is about to go on tour with The Naked Brothers Band. For more information:
  • Savannah's website with links to her YouTube and MySpcae sites.

    The final official guest was the one I most wanted to hear, but missed all but the first two minutes of... Mindy interviewed the author of what sounds like a book just up my alley, Eco-Friendly Families by Helen Coronato. I wonder if it could help us and our stuff problem. More info is on the author's website Helen Coronato: The Next (Kinda) Big Thing. (Addendum: Her book reportedly lists a bunch of websites that support greener living and a lot of specifics which is something that is often hard to find in these kinds of books.)

    We spent the afternoon weeding out stuff. I wish there was a solution to the stuff. Everyone gives kids stuff. Kids find stuff on the playground, in the woods. I can't keep stuff out of my house. But then I have to deal with it.

    Chloe called in to chat with Mindy and announced to everyone that we were going crazy cleaning the house. Mindy joked about putting people into the "free pile" that we put a lot of our stuff into. Chloe went on to tell Mindy that I always talk about putting Chloe into the trash cans. Oh great. A family joke, of course. Chloe asked for "The Song of LIFE" by ScribbleMonster, which was the song that managed to help us through the craziness of the day.

    Savannah's video:
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