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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Artist Interview - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

In preparation for this weekend's Rumpus Room, Mindy had a nice interview with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, a great "Kid Hop" artist. We were lucky enough to be in the Rumpus Room when the show was recorded -- it was so much fun! We love their cd Easy - the lyrics are inspiring without being over the top. Very fun and imaginative.

He didn't quite answer the question of the origin of his name "23 Skidoo" but gave the answer that it was the first slang used in the 1920's and that everyone should figure out what it means for themselves. "Life is a beautiful thing, you are going to have some bad days, but you can deal with it."

Some of his words of wisdom:
Balance "Dream thinking" and "pay the mortgage" thinking and keep your mind open. Kids can believe two things at the same time. Adults should stop being afraid of looking stupid. Life doesn't make sense; stop trying to make it make sense. The "daydream world" of kiddie-idiosynchrocies is "Easy". He doesn't like to coddle children and talk down to them.

His song "The Bluegrasshopper" tells the Aesop's Fable from the grasshopper point of view and shows the power of music and the worth of being a musician. She also interviewed his daughter "Saki" who appears on the CD. Saki tried to teach Mindy how to beat box....

He's working on a DVD to come out soon and some new kids' books. Stay tuned!

Thanks Mindy and Cactus!

Mindy also spoke with Cicely Gray Women's Sports Foundation about healthy eating and bone growth for girls.

We heard from girls about what activities they do and what foods they eat to get calcium for strong bones.

Go Girl Go!
GoGirlGo! is the primary programming focus of the Women’s Sports Foundation designed to combat the alarming physical and psychological health hazards affecting America’s young girls. GoGirlGo! uses sport and physical activity as an educational intervention that supports girls’ health and wellness in childhood and early womanhood.

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