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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Town Hall Debate

Special Agent Emily described the rules of the debate, such as No mudslinging.

First Question (from Emily of NC):
What kind of animal would you choose as the official state animal

JudyG: A duck, since that is the shape of the state.
The Weirdo: A chicken, since no other state has that animal. (Delaware - state bird is Blue Hen Chicken)

Second Question (from Jeremy of Denver, CO):
It is important to have a clean campaign. It appears JudyG to have the cleanest room.

The Weirdo: How do we know her room is the cleanest? He states that his room is pretty clean.
JudyG: Nobody has seen it so how would they know. She states her room is pretty clean as well.
(They discussed storage bins.)
The Wierdo says clean is nothing on the floor and no dirt on the floor.
JudyG states again that he is a nice person. She says her room may not be sparkly, but it is clean.

Third question (from Clayton from Dayton):
Do you smack your gum loud?

JudyG: Yes, I smack it very loudly.
The Weirdo: It is very disruptive to everyone in the room if you smack loudly.
JudyG: She doesn't smack gum when she isn't chewing it. She respects her friends, asking them if it is okay to smack her gum.


Fourth question (from Andrew):
What are you doing for the people who play music in Coliflordi?

The Weirdo: He is going to make the national anthem ... lost train of thought.
JudyG: She is going to make a place where unrecognized musicians can go play music, especailly if they play "Disco Duck"
The Wierdo: He is going to change the national anthem to "Poop Goes the Weasel."
JudyG: What if some Coliflordians don't like that song or the moms don't approe of it.
The Weirdo: He could take a poll and doesn't feel there is anything too wrong with the song.
JudyG: Democracy means how the people vote.
The Weirdo: Democracy is you letting the people of the state have a vote.

Fifth question (from Ali in Austin):
The Weirdo, I heard a rumor that you were going on a $150K shopping spree. But I only see a green hoodie.

The Weirdo: That is rubbish, not a word of it is true. His mom buys all his clothes.
JudyG: It is not a good decision to spend $150K on clothes for a radio election.

Sixth question (from Chloe in Atlanta, GA):
If you cut down trees, the more paper you have. Then if you use more paper, then you have more trees get cut down.

JudyG: I will make sure that there is less paper used. And they will cut down less trees. And the tree party will be very happy with this.
The Weirdo: He will still cut down some tree, otherwise Joe Lumberjack will go without a job. He won't go overboard with cutting down trees. He would sent the woodland creatures some place safe.

Seventh question (from Joe Lumberjack in Montana):
Do you advocate the cutting down of trees from helicopters?

The Weirdo: It would take a lot of money to create a giant axe. And may take jobs away form lumberjacks.
JudyG: She would find jobs for lumberjacks in factories to recycle paper.

Eighth question:
Honk if you love Joe Lumberjack.

The Weirdo: Honk
JudyG: Honk

Ninth question (from Jack the campaign manager of the Cow Party):
Cost of importing octopi?

JudyG: She won't take away their ink all the way. They will be in a humongous tank that matches their natural ink. She will be taking away their extra ink and save them from sushi restaurants.
The Weirdo: Doesn't eat sushi or any type of seafood.
JudyG: Of course they have extra ink.

Tenth question:
Honk if you love Joe Lumberjack.

The Weirdo: Honk
JudyG: Honk


Eleventh question (from Maya in St. Louis):
Do you believe in the use of the band-aids when you don't need it?

The Weirdo: He does not stand for extra band aid use, but for stuffed animals with stuffing leaking it could be useful.
JudyG: She does not stand for wasting band-aids. She will provide band-aids for dolls and stuffed animals that need them.
The Weirdo: Supports band-aids for bruises.
JudyG: Supports band-aids for bruises. Believes it cushions bruises and causes less pain.
Is it okay to cross state lines to get the desired brand:
The Weirdo: Believes in brand choice, even if it means crossing state lines. He suggests choosing the cheapest.
If someone needs a band aid available in only another state, then they should get it as log as it is needed.
Government subsidized:
The Weirdo: Thinks that money should be used for other things.
JudyG: Free band-Aids by AFLAC for anyone who needs it.
The Weirdo: How will you find the money for this?
JudyG: The AFLAC duck and I are very close and he has agreed to support me in this. A free box of band-aids for anyone who needs it.

Twelfth question (from Frightfest Fiona):
What will you do for free food?

The Weirdo: Stands for free ice cream and milkless brownies on Saturdays and Sundays.
JudyG: She is supportive of lactose-intolerant people. She will provide cars for free that are edible. As well as free chocolate bars.
The Weirdo: But chocolate bars have milk.
JudyG: Only milk chocolate ones do?

Thirteenth question (from ??):
What are your homework policies?

JudyG: She and her colleagues are working on a helmet that you put on yearly that sinks all the knowledge from the year into your mind. Your brain will absorb more and more. The machine also has a reverse, so if you want to get rid of knowledge it will painlessly with not side-effects take this out of your head.
The Weirdo: He is against the helmet. what if the helmet had a glitch or fell into the hands of evil people an d put false knowledge into your head. He is completely against homework. The hours in school should be enough.

Fourteenth question (from David in NJ):
Will you accept all pronunciations of tomato?

The Weirdo: Full freedom of sppech.
JudyG: Agrees with The Weirdo and will stand for wither pronunciation of this vegetable.

Fifteenth question:
Do you want some maple syrup after the show? Honk if you love Joe Lumberjack.

JudyG: Yes, yes, Honk
The Weirdo: As long as it is free. Honk

[Ed. Note: Camille says, "That was FUN!"]

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