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Monday, October 27, 2008

Political Birthday Party Poll Coming Soon

The Weirdo and Judy Gumsmacker are running in the Goobernatorial race of the great state of Coliflordia, shaped like a duck and with "Paper Airlines".

The Weirdo promises ice cream for all (on Saturdays and Sundays) and JudyG promises lactose-tolerance for all.

The Weirdo is running as the Cow Party's candidate. Jack is his campaign manager, who will call in to "clean up" after The Weirdo, when he says something "wacky."

Judy Gumsmacker is running as the Octopus party's candidate. Party color is Red. Emma is her campaign manager.

Campaign slogans?

The Weirdo - No cafeteria glop! parties a few times a month. Should we deny the loctose-tolerant people ice cream because of the lactose intolerant folks? He will provide milkless (five star) brownies from the lactose-intolerant.

Judy Gumsmacker promises soy ice-cream to lactose intolerant citizens. She also promises free video games. Funds will come from selling pens made of ink from octopi.

Is there such a thing as milkless brownies? Yes Dairy Free

Thursday: JudyG will need a break, so Absolutely Milkshake will be on.

Friday: The candidates will be out in Ghost-town, Coliflordia, so they won't be campaigning the air (Spooktacular Pumpkin Jam will air).

Old Governor was Ian Smith, but then he turned 13.

Grievances and platform suggestions:
Better Food
Free Duct Tape from all hardware stores

(Apologies - I can't change the spelling of the state or the race in the poll since people have already voted -- it is "Coliflordia Goobernatorial.")

I love Mindy's choice The Shins - "Sometimes You Win, sometimes You Lose". Best of luck to both candidates. Win or lose, this is incredibly fun!!!!

(Stay Tuned. Possible debate 5pm Wednesday)


the weirdo said...

hi this is the werido saying hi.

judy gumsmacker said...

this is judy gumsmacker. i love absolutely mindy! cooool.

the weirdo said...

Gumsmacker, what do you stand for besides lactose intolereance?


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