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Monday, October 20, 2008

Craft Time with Absolutely Mindy - Tater Toddler Dolls

Giant Russet Potato (or sweet potato)
Baby Sock
2 small nails or thumbtacks (not red)
Toothpaste cap
Milk jug cap
alfalfa sprouts/Easter grass

To do:
Blow off all the dirt.
Take the toothpicks, jam one in the left side, jam one in the right side, jam one underneath on the left, jam one underneath on the right.
Take a wad of gum, stick it on the bottom toothpick, then some on the other bottom toothpick.
Pull off the arms and legs. Oops.
Pull the baby sock up over the potato; leaving enough room for the "head" of the potato.
Shove the toothpick arms and legs back in the potato.
Take the two thumbtacks and shove them in the face where the eyes would be.
Take the toothpaste cap and find something sticky in the back of the refrigerator, scrape it out and smear it on the top of the head to make a tiny hat.

Use a popsicle stick for arms and legs.

How do you suggest a mouth could be made?
- One caller suggested using a red leaf for a mouth.
- Macaroni for a mouth.
Other suggestions for improvements?

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