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Friday, October 24, 2008

Book Hour - L is for Lollygag

Mindy interviewed Molly Glover editor of L is for Lollygag from Chronicle Books. For a lot of books, the editor is the team leader for the book. In this case, the editors came up the idea for an in-house project and hired a writer to shape the text. Molly keeps lots of lists and has a list of fun words. The book was born when Molly threw out her idea at a meeting and gave the list of words she had been collecting. The book is filled with words that are fun and quirky. The editors picked "endangered words" that would not appear in school or at home. One word they picked "snollygoster" (a shrewd or crooked person - a swindler), they noted that it is a disappearing word. They wanted the book to have more than just the words, so they put in some other tidbits. such as "Gifts of Gab."

Some of the illustrations are clip art that were collaged by the designers. Melinda Beck was the illustrator who drew the new, colored illustrations.

Some words:
A "rumpus" is a noisy commotion with a lot of loud noise or activity. Mindy asked about "23 Skidoo."

Start your own list of words by flipping through the dictionary, read older books, listen to some old-time radio shows, etc.

Fav words from callers:

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