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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Book Interview - Jay McGraw

Mindy interviewed Jay McGraw, author of Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies Kids and parents should read the book together to learn about bullies and make sure that they aren't displaying bullying behavior.

Bullying is not just "old-school" bullying; now there is also cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is bullying through spreading rumors and telling lies on line through texting, myspace, other.

If someone is being bullied, it is not tattling to go tell their parents about it. You need to pull in the parents and teachers. You have to have a school mentality that no one is going to stand for bullying. "No innocent bystanders rule" - if you see someone being bullied and you don't stand up to it to stop it, then you are aiding in the bullying. you have to get help from parents and teachers to stop it. Being a bully is not cool.

You should not fight back a bully. Fighting back is the last resort. That is the worst case scenario. Bullies are usually looking for a reaction. Don't ignore it, the way to respond is to go to your friends, your teachers and your parents. and set up a strategy for dealing with bullying in general.

Make a friend, believe good things about yourself, keep a journal to get it out. Sometimes the cool kids are not going to be the nicest kids to you. make your own set of friends and be cool with that.

Being bullied is not something to be embarrased about; you are not deserving of it. You can get help to make a plan and strategy.

Jay McGraw endorsed Judy Gumsmacker, because of her lactose tolerance.

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