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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mindy's Back! - Tooth Fairy

Mindy's back - Yeah!

Chloe called in to giver her lost tooth news. Along in the story, Chloe mentioned that the tooth fairy can make herself look and sound like mom or dad. Chloe wondered where the tooth fairy lives.

Kids called in with the news:
The tooth fairy probably lives in a gold castle in the clouds, or a castle made of teeth or under a pillow. Another report is that there are really more than one tooth fairy; that's why different kids get different gifts from the tooth fairy.

Chloe's tooth fairy knowledge comes from the book The Real Tooth Fairy by Marilyn Kaye and Helen Cogancherry.

More information about the history of the tooth fairy:

Lost Tooth and Tooth Fairy Songs:
  • The Jimmies - Teeth - Make Your Own Someday
  • Roger Day - My First Loose Tooth - Rock 'n' Roll Rodeo
  • Monty Harper - Loose Tooth - The Great Green Squishy Mean Concert CD
  • Sparkles 'n' Bubbles - Has Anyone Seen My Tooth? - The Big Happy Album
  • Recess Monkey - Dr Wiggle - Tabby Road
  • Eric Ode - Loretta Lost A Tooth At Lunch - When You Smile
  • Maureen Conlin - Lost Tooth Blues - Achoo! Achoo!
  • Justin Roberts - I Lost the Tooth I Lost - Way Out
  • Johnette Downing - Tooth Fairy - Fins and Grins
  • Mary Kaye - Tooth Fairy - Mouse Jamboree

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